The Beatles' Love Review - The Long Running Hit at the Mirage

LOVE at the Mirage

Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE, a Beatles tribute, has been stunning spectators at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas since 2006.  And for good reason.  Not only is this production filled with some of the Beatles’ best recordings, but it’s also filled with some of Cirque du Soleil’s best staged performances.  It’s not your standard Cirque event.  Yes, there are acrobats and clowns, but each scene pays dutiful homage to a specific song. 

Parade of Instruments

For instance with “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” we see the “band” members  marching along, each in an extravagant costume or getup: one man atop trombone stilts….another inside an accordion.  Another example: “Octopus’ Garden” that transforms the stage into an underwater fantasy with an array of sea creatures that look as if they’re actually swimming right in front of us. 

Octopus' Garden

LOVE has more dance performances than most Cirque shows.

Reminiscing the Early 60s

With some of the early Beatles’ songs, the performers swing dance, and by the time they arrive at the late 60s with songs such as “Strawberry Fields,” the numbers are choreographed in modern dance form. And it’s not just the dancing that’s mesmerizing. The lighting effects for such numbers as “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” is breathtaking.  It looks like stars are falling from the heavens as Lucy is transported aloft.

As in most Cirque du Soleil presentations, there’s plenty of audience interaction.  Even before the show actually starts, Dr. Robert walks through the audience, pouring steam from a tea pot into your cocktail glass, while others wander up and down the aisles making small talk. The music playing in the background is the Beatle tracks sans vocals. 

Silk Parachutes

When the vocals begin the veils that have been hanging over the stage lift to reveal the action that includes skaters negotiating steep ramps, the recreation of London after the Blitz, and a huge silk parachute that slowly encompasses the entire audience and then suddenly lifts and disappears as “With You and Without You” fills the air! 

Along with the action on stage are projections on a video screen of various periods of the Beatles’ career.  You’ll also hear their chatter captured on tape in between recordings, which lends a real presence to the performance.  And for you avid Beatles’ fans, if “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” doesn’t sound like the cut on the “White Album,” it’s because it’s the demo George Harrison played for producer George Martin.

There are 130 songs heard in the 26 sketches of “LOVE,” some heard in their entirety, others as part of a medley.  But they’re all beautifully integrated into the performances.

You can sip on your choice of several Beatles’ themed concoctions: “Here Comes the Sun” composed of rum and mango, pineapple and orange juices; “Can’t Buy Me Love” with Absolute Citron, cranberry juice and lemonade or “Hello Goodbye,” a potent blend of tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and lemonade.  Have several of those, and when the “Mr. Kite” carnival blossoms on stage or the massive bubbles surround the performers during “Strawberry Fields,” you’ll likely feel much a part of the psychedelic 60s!


The Mirage Hotel

3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(800) 963-9634




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