Suzanne Somers A Sexy Intimate Show with the Great American Songbook Review – Suzanne Sizzles at the Westgate


Photo by Dianne R. Davis


Suzanne Somers Wasn't she the dumb blonde on Three's Company? Yes, but the woman you'll see at the Westgate's Cabaret Room is not that iconic character.  The ads say Suzanne Sizzles - a Sexy Intimate Show with the Great American Songbook.  It is just that. Suzanne opens her show singing the classic “Let's Fall in Love” and guess what – you just might fall in love with her show. I know what you're thinking so let me give you the answer - 68. Yes, she is 68 years old, but she doesn't look it. Oh my goodness, her legs are amazing.


Remember Chrissy Snow from Three's Company


This woman is a seasoned professional. Forget about the mysterious blonde in the the Ford Thunderbird in 1973 in American Graffiti, forget about Cissy in Three's Company, forget about the Thighmaster. This is a polished performance in a room suited to the cabaret style show. Your ticket entitles you to 75 minutes of --- Suzanne Somers. No fancy dancers, no opening act. You get Suzanne and five fine musicians. The theater has been upgraded and I even took note of some great lighting effects.

She sings, she dances just a little, and she talks to us. She shares some of her history, what brought her to where she is. I didn't know that Suzanne wrote two dozen books. There are more than 25 million copies of her books in print. Of course she mentions this spring's stint on Dancing With The Stars.


Photo by Dianne R. Davis


Her song selections tend toward classics such as “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else”, “Happy Birthday Baby”. Remember “It Don't Mean A Thing - If It Ain't Got That Swing”? And as she began singing, “I Got the World on a String”, we knew she has.


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This is an accomplished performer. Her voice is mature, seasoned. It is soft, but strong. She connects as she jokes with the audience and talks about her life. Suzanne is clearly at ease, even as she changes from one classy or fun outfit to another right on stage behind a barrier. Before the show ends, she assumes a sultry position on top of the onstage piano, joking that those off to the side get a better view up the short dress.


I did not know that Somers had performed in Vegas in the 1980's and was at the time recognized as one of the best female entertainers by media and fans alike. Her plan now is to be around for quite a while.


Johnny Carson invited Suzanne back often

Movie and TV clips projected on the screen include her first appearance on Johnny Carson's show. She was subsequently invited back many times. “I think maybe he was hitting on me she says.” Looked like perhaps she was right. She did manage to give a guy from the audience a Thighmaster, but quipped that later models vibrate.


This show is a throwback to the days when Vegas was classy and elegant. Her song selections from the Great American Songbook are familiar and popular ones for those over 50. I applaud the fact that she tells us along the way who wrote the songs she sings. What a sophisticated, polished, and enjoyable show.


Photo Courtesy Preferred Public Relations


The show which opened in May, 2015, begins at 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. For tickets, call the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Box Office at (800) 222-5361 or online at WestGate Las Vegas. For more information call (800) 732-7117.


In addition to her show, make plans to visit the soon-to-be opened Suzanne Somers Spa at the Westgate featuring all of Somers' SUZANNE Organics Cosmetics, organic skin care, and organic hair care products, and the Suzanne Somers Organic Spa Café, serving food based on recipes from Somers’ series of bestselling cookbooks.

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