SEXXY starring Jennifer Romas

   There are many things in life that are subjective; the foods we like, the colors that attract and the music that touches our souls.  But certainly, the most subjective and personal feeling of them all is what each individual finds to be sexy; different strokes for different folks. However, I defy any red-blooded human to watch Jennifer Romas in SEXXY at the Westgate and not redefine their personal standard.

Jennifer Romas

  SEXXY is spelled with two 'X's" but it also needs a few more 'S's' as well for sensuality and sizzle because Jennifer Romas redefines the meaning of the word. Backed by five beautiful dancers and the amazing voice of Gabriella Versace, SEXXY delivers in ways that exceed the imagination.

The SEXXY Dancers

   The highlights are many but my two personal favorites were Jennifer on the pole, a stylish and excellent rendition of the pole dance. It oozes class and pheromones and is easily the finest pole routine I have seen. The second is the bathtub number. Now, one has to be curious how an antique, claw foot bathtub could be used in a sensual manner and one has to see this to believe. Never has porcelain been so appealing. Jennifer slides and slips her way around, in and over this appliance in a manner that is spellbinding. Even the follow up number, that is there essentially to mop up the spilled water, is alluring.

   Gabriella Versace performs several numbers and her voice and body work perfectly for the show. She is a beautiful and talented woman, well worth the price of admission on her own.

  Ms. Romas is the producer, director and choreographer of this wonderful show and she handles each of her tasks with style. The show is fast-paced, eye popping and the dance numbers are astounding. The space is certainly challenging and she deals with it in an imaginative and innovative manner.


   SEXXY runs Tuesday through Saturday at 7:00pm in the Westgate Cabaret. Tickets start at $39.95 and are available on the Westgate web site. Don't visit Las Vegas without seeing this show, it's the perfect Las Vegas date night.


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