Romantic Singer Gene Ferrari - Returns To The Italian American Club


The “Power of Love” will be evident on March 26th at the Italian American Club in Las Vegas when singer Gene Ferrari takes the stage to present his “Last of the Romantics Concert” at 8 p.m.

Ferrari, who begins and ends his show with that beautiful ballad, has a classy, elegant style in both performance and attire. Saying that his show is “a musical conversation between me and the audience,” he goes on to delight the crowd with music ranging from Nat King Cole to Engelbert Humperdinck, Neil Diamond, Aerosmith and more.

Photo Courtesy Gene Ferrari

I’m a singer in the vein of Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones but I do my own thing and put a different spin on it,” Ferrari says. “Throughout my career, people have compared me to Enge or Tom but then I started choosing my own material. After working clubs and lounges, I began working cruise ships and then made a connection to Don Rickles. I toured with Don as his opening act on most of his dates from 2002-03 until 2010. I played the best venues in the country because of Don and I also opened for Bob Newhart, Joan Rivers, and Pat Cooper.

Ferrari, who still speaks with an Italian accent, was born in a little town in Sicily called Catania. The family later settled in Cairo.

In 1972, Ferrari was brought to America by two gentlemen who helped him put together a band while he set about learning to speak English by watching the TV show, Bonanza. So he bought an Italian-American dictionary, watched hours of soap operas on end and began putting sentences together. He forced himself to start thinking in English instead of translating Italian into English in his thought process. He was determined to integrate himself into the country.

While he was appearing at a hotel in Buffalo, international superstar Engelbert Humperdinck, who was performing at a nearby venue came into the lounge to see Ferrari’s show. He had been brought there by Andy Anka, Paul Anka’s father, who used to book Ferrari and, impressed with Ferrari’s talent, Engelbert ended up becoming the young singer’s mentor.

Ferrari also feels blessed by his association with Don Rickles and what the years of touring with the comedian have done for him.

Don was very kind to me,” he notes. “He didn’t put any boundaries on me. Most opening acts only get 20 minutes; he gave me 35. He would stand in the wings and watch me perform and would encourage me. We would have a drink before the show together – he liked to drink Kettle Vodka –and he always offered me food. What I learned most from Don was timing. I can be very amusing to an audience – I don’t take myself seriously. I try to establish a musical conversation with the audience. I learned that from Don. I’m very comfortable in my own skin when I’m on stage.”

Ferrari will be backed by the Mariano Longo Orchestra on stage. Tickets to the show are $25 and can be purchased in advance by calling the Italian American Club at 702-457-3866.

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