PAWN SHOP LIVE! Review - A Pawn Stars Parody


If you are a follower of Pawn Stars on the History Channel, then tune in to Pawn Shop Live! at the Golden Nugget for a silly fabricated – but enjoyable – parody which purports to tell us the story of how the hit show came to be.

It is Vegas so there are showgirls

The light hearted history is tongue-in-cheek fun. Don't look for any serious information here, just come for the entertaiment provided by look-a-like actors and a sort of, kind of puppet of the old man known in this production as “The Old Fart.” Which of course leads to occasional fart jokes. There are also references to “Priss Angel” and his show “Mind Fake”, a take off on Criss Angel and Mind Freak.

There's a joke about making Justin Beiber disappear, but hey, if I had a nickel for every make Justin Bieber disappear joke ....

There's a little singing

Of course this is Las Vegas so showgirls appear throughout the production. This is satire with basically no redeeming social value. You most likely won't remember much of it a week later, but really, that's okay as long as you laugh and enjoy it while you are in the Gordie Brown Showroom. And speaking of Gordie Brown, the show does manage a plug for his A+ plus show which goes on at 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

The show was created by Emmy® award-winning producer Derek Stonebarger and inspired by the world famous Gold & Silver Pawn. It includes story contributions from Rick Harrison and the Harrison family. The stars of the TV show have fully endorsed the production, which runs Tuesday through Saturday at 4 p.m.

Freeze action scenes appear on occasion

“We have been laughing at ourselves since before ‘Pawn Stars’ gained success and every minute since then after it hit the air,” said Rick Harrison. “Why not get involved with these guys, add a real element to their show and enjoy the ride all the way to the bank …or the poor house,” he joked.

The "Old Fart" is funny

With seven live actors and dancers, as well as a puppet, PAWN SHOP LIVE! features celebrity guests and surprises - even the real “Pawn Stars” will appear on stage as often as their filming schedule permits. The on-stage characters are lampooned versions of Rick Harrison, Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison and Richard “The Old Man” Harrison – known in the show as Slick, Chump, Lil Boss and of course Old Fart.

Directed and co-written by Troy Heard, the show begins with a young Slick Garrison struggling with a debilitating illness which forces him out of school and into a world of home schooling. Slick grows into a book and street-smart genius using his experiences and life lessons, often taught from his father - Old Fart - to eventually influence the world with his knowledge and art of the deal.

You have the opportunity to take a photo with the performers after the show

Working the family business, Slick is joined by his son, Lil Boss, and his son's dim-witted friend, Chump, who become international superstars in the process. Enoch Augustus Scott in multiple roles including Old Fart was a campy stand-out.

The show could use some fine tuning and doesn't seem destined for any big awards, but for now it is an enjoyable silly time.

PAWN SHOP LIVE! is staged in the Gordie Brown Showroom, a 600-seat theater on the third level of the Golden Nugget's Spa Tower. Tickets for PAWN SHOP LIVE! begin at $24.95 (tax and fees are additional) and can be purchased by calling the Golden Nugget Box Office at 866-946-5336 or visiting Golden Nugget or Pawn Shop Show

Photos by Dianne R. Davis

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