Naked Magicians - To Perform October 17 - 31 at Tommy Wind Theater


Naked Magicians To Perform at Tommy Wind Theater October 17-31

The information I received said that “three cool, sexy, hip magicians” would be performing in the raw. I was told that there were no big stages, boxes, smoke or mirrors. Well, that's very not Vegas, is it.

The limited run show The Naked Magicians is scheduled to run at 4 p.m. From October 17-31 in the Tommy Wind Theater, an upscale night club setting for 150-200 guests. I had a few qustions for Charles Bach, producer of this unique sounding show.

Producer Charles Bach

Dianne Davis: Mr. Bach, naked magicians? Who will be naked?

Charles Bach: Anyone. There will be a playful game of strip poker throughout the show.

DD: What exactly is the concept here?

CB: it is a mixing of strip poker with a magic show.There will be raw ingredients – naked so to speak that the audience can examine.

DD- Such as?

CB: Playing cards coins, ropes, balls, normal objects that can create extraordinary magic.

DD: Is this a show for children?

CB: It is designed for an audience that is usually adult, PG 16.

DD: What will people see that they have neer seen before?

CB: You'll see pure lsight of hand and pure magic performed up close. The room holds a
maximum of 200 people. This creates a really close and intimate feeling. You'll feel that you're really close to the experience.

DD: What is the difference between illusions and magic?

DB: illusion is a term that magicians use to refer to bigger tricks involving people. Magic or slight of hand done with just the hands and ordinary objects. Like grandpa pulling the coin from behind your ear.

DD: You re producing the show right now, but you are also a magician and illusionist. How long have you bee doing magic and illusion?

CB:Since I was 8 years old. I started with a card trick and that got me hooked for the rest of my life.

DD: How does one learn magic?

CB: That’s a great question. When comes to juggling, magic, puppetry, ventriloquism all those sort of arts are handed down from generation to generation. Same with comedians. They watch other comedians to learn how it works. They study to learn the vocation.

DD: How did you learn?

CB: On my own. I went to the library to find every book I could find. I went to magic shops to watch and learn new tricks, then joined magic clubs to find other crazy people like me. There are magic clubs all over the world. The Int'l brotherhood of Magicians. Society of American Magicians. The meet once a month. We all know each other, its a small small world.

DD: How many magicians are there?

CB: There are a couple of thousand working full time. Tens of thousand of hobbyists.

DD: Let's go back to these naked magicians. Tell me more.

CB: They are three world class close up magicians and manipulation artists.

DD: This is Las Vegas. Will there be some pretty women?

CB: There is one hot cocktail waitress who becomes the MC and warms the crowd. She messes with the and does some comedy. And she gives them the chance to examine the naked props.

DD: How do I come see the show and why should I come see the show?

CB: This show is something that you do not see in Vegas. There are huge magic shows, but this is a truly truly intimate magic experience that hasn't been around since Caesar's Magical Empire.

This show is focused on pure slight of hand. Something you really can't see here in Vegas.
You will see magic that no one else in the world does.

DD: You mentioned strip poker: Do they do play it during show?

CB: Actually, at any point anybody could loose their clothes.

When you playstrip poker with a magician you are probably gonna loose as our hostess does. But in the end, she actually wins the game a in big surprise finale.

DD: Where and when?

CB: It is at the Tommy Wind Theater across from Monty Carlo by Fat Burger and Walgreens.

Three award-winning magicians star in THE NAKED MAGICIANS:

Britain’s Chris James is the only magician in history to entertain The Queen of England and the United Nations in the same year. He’s performed since the age of 5, has a degree in Psychology, is an award-winning magician and author. He’s performed worldwide and in the Hollywood version of “The Naked Magicians.” Lance Burton called him a “genius.”

Andrew` Goldenhersh ranks among today’s elite masters of magic, drawing acclaims nationally and internationally. He has received accolades from the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts and is the only magician to have been nominated for both “Close-Up Magician of the Year” and “Parlour Magician of the Year” 12 years in a row. Winning the award in 2009 and 2010. Andrew, who is based in L.A. has entertained celebrities including: Johnny Depp, Ringo Starr, Pink, Rod Stewart, etc. Andrew is also the creator of a piece in David Cooperfield’s current show in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas resident Jason Baney is a creative manipulation artist and card thrower. He starred in Sin City’s longest running daytime show “Viva Las Vegas,” co-starred in “The World’s Greatest Show” for three years and has performed for fans of all ages throughout Europe and Asia.


The two-week limited engagement takes place at the Tommy Wind Theater, 3765 Las Vegas Blvd. for audiences 18 years and older. Tickets are priced at $33 dollars and $42 for VIP seats (includes autographed photo and your own close-up magic trick) and can be purchased online at or call 702-776-8888.

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