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The M life, what is it? M is for the M in MGM, but it could it be magnificent, magical or mystical, but at the end of the day or night or early morning, M life is about you and only you and the MGM is the place where your M life comes to fruition. The M life is what you want in that one weekend that you have been planning for so long. It could be that one thing you never thought you could experience, but at the end of the day, the M life will be that one thing you will want to remember. It is that perfect moment you will store in the annals of your mind for the rest of your life–and also probably post to your Facebook page and tweet about to make your friends jealous.

The view from Aria

Caviar and Oysters at American Fish in Aria

Once upon a time Las Vegas was the Rat Pack and gambling, chorus girls and Elvis Presley, along with $3.99 buffets; that is not Las Vegas 2013. The Rat Pack and Elvis have been replaced by Wolfgang Puck and deadmau5, as chefs and DJ’s have become the rock stars of this generation. You certainly don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to dine as you can still find some deals when it comes to dining, but what you are going to find now is French Onion Soup with black truffles and foie gras, thank you very much Aureole at Mandalay Bay!

Cooking class at Aureole

Of course people still come to Las Vegas to gamble–you can’t walk very far without coming across a blackjack table or a slot machine–but Vegas has turned into a city of experiences. Honestly, in most cities if you want to gamble you can find some type of casino within a relative close proximity to wherever you live, but that is it and no matter what makeup these casinos try to put on, they just aren’t as sexy as Las Vegas. And Sin City goes so far beyond gaming it is hard to know where to begin.

The Fountains at Bellagio

In Las Vegas it has gotten to the point if you can imagine it, they can make it happen and that is what the M life Moment is all about. M life Moments include over 70 unique experiences that really are unique. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you have no doubt seen the iconic fountains in front of the Bellagio, and watching the water dance at night is a memorable scene all by itself. Well, if you want to turn that up a notch, you can literally choose the song that gets played to accompany the fountains. Sticking with a musical theme, you also have to know that the nightclub industry in Las Vegas is unparalleled, and sometimes the lines to get in are equally unparalleled. Not only will you not have to wait in line for this M life Moment, but you can get a class from one of the world-class DJ’s at one of the MGM properties, along with the opportunity to spin in front of a raucous crowd. Is that enough to peak your interest in the M life? We have only just begun.

Haze Nightclub in Aria

If you want to get out of the Las Vegas mindset for a few hours there are plenty of M life moments to do just that. How about hanging out with the dolphins at The Mirage? You can take a 60-minute yoga class that will put you in the underwater viewing area within Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, allowing the dolphins to bring their energy to you while you are doing your yoga. While that is really unique and different you just might want to swim with the dolphins. There is nothing like shaking a dolphins hand, giving them a kiss or grabbing a fin and having them swim at top speed through the water with you. To call it a life-changing experience would not be an overstatement, there is no possible way you won’t be moved by your interactions and to be a part of their world and witness up close their intelligence and love is on of the best M life moments ever. If you are a little more daring you could dive with Sharks at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. The only requirements are that you are scuba certified and that you are fearless as you and a friend will be diving into North America's only predator-based aquarium and you will find yourself swimming alongside sand tiger, sandbar, and white tip reef sharks.

Dolphins at Mirage

Do you want a little more Vegas in your M life experience? How about a party with 49 of your closest friends on the roof of one of the most fun spots in all of Las Vegas, Diablo’s? You will find yourself set-up with a DJ to keep you and your friends dancing all night long and you will also have $2,500 in food and beverage to enjoy the amazing Mexican food from Diablo’s as well as their unique cocktails. It is a hot August day in Las Vegas, where better to be than Minus5 in Monte Carlo. You and three of your buddies can put on floor length fur coats and enjoy the ice sculptures that include glasses that you drink out of that are made completely of ice. You get one hour to enjoy some frigid drinks and leave with some great memories so you can regale the experience to your friends how you froze your behind off in the middle of the desert heat. Those are just a taste and if you are looking for more of a taste you can mix in a mixology class to learn the finer art of cocktail making or you can learn some of the secrets of those amazing dishes that you can’t turn away from in Las Vegas as you take a cooking class from one of the many world-class chefs is on staff at MGM.

Mixology at HIT in Monte Carlo

Fur and frozen cocktails at Minus5

No worries if you are a little more refined and food and drink and partying mean little to you, I’m not sure who you are, but M life still has something for you. Would you like a tour of the Jeff Mitchum Gallery in Bellagio? Nice, but how about with Jeff Mitchum himself and then add in him telling you about his encounter with Ansel Adams at age 14 and then taking you later into life as he walks you through his amazing Jerusalem photographs and the stories behind them that are just as memorable as the photographs themselves. If you like the performing arts a little more take in a show and backstage experience with Cirque du Soleil. That is not even close to all of the M life experiences and to think you would have a hard time taking them all in over the span of your life, but if you did, oh what a life you would have a had.

Backstage of KA at MGM Grand

Jeff Mitchum at his gallery in Bellagio

You can build up M Life points as soon as you sign up. You can earn rewards at any of 15 MGM Resorts in Las Vegas Mississippi and Detroit and ring up the rewards not just by gaming, but also from money spent on pretty much everything. Once you start racking up the rewards you can move up from the introductory Sapphire to Pearl, Gold, Platinum and the invited and super sought after NOIR. M Life Moments, rewards and discounts vary by card, but obviously the higher you climb up the card level the better off you are. In addition you can win a wide variety of great MGM experiences by playing the MyVegas on Facebook, sorry Las Vegas players you don't reap the same rewards as the rest of the country. You can also obtain benefits by checking in with the website Topguest and MGM is very soon rolling out a Mobile App.

Michael Jordan and Will Smith at MGM golf course Shadow Creek

The M life will provide you with all of the memories that you could ever imagine from a visit to Las Vegas. Just pick a weekend and you never know what your M life moment might turn into, you might rub shoulders with Michael Jordan at Shadow Creek Golf Course and a few hours later at Haze Nightclub, you might wind up playing blackjack or dining next to, well your guess is good as mine, but it all begins with M life.


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