Jeff Civillico Comedy in Action Review - Fun for All Ages


Jeff Civillico has energy, charisma, skill, and talent. Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action, his 4 p.m. show at The Quad (formerly known as Imperial Palace) in Las Vegas, is family friendly and hilarious.

He is a polished juggler and so much more. This guy entertains you every moment of his show.

One minute he is balancing a chair Photo by Dianne R. Davis


The next minute it is a ten foot ladder on his face Photo by Dianne R. Davis


A moment later, he is mounting a unicycle Photo by Burt Davis


Then he has a volunteer from the audience pitching marshmallows which he catches in his mouth while riding the unicycle. Makes you dizzy just thinking about it.

He juggles three balls, then five. While juggling, he tosses out a few jokes that go flying over the heads of the kids, then laughter erupts as the jokes are caught by the adults in the room. His juggling is first class. He catches the balls and pitches the jokes with a contagious spirit of levity.

Personality and a sense of fun make this show a hit with everyone. See Jeff's show and you expect to see him juggle balls. But you'll most likely also see a bowling ball, knives, green apples, and a plunger. His joking patter with the audience includes non verbal sight jokes as he yanks on a supposed wedgie throughout the performance.

Hang on guys Photo by Burt Davis


Jeff brings men, women, and children to the stage to interact as his assistants. Hilarity results.This is an animated entertainer with a dynamic personality, a zany sense of humor, a talent for balance, juggling and interacting with the audience, and a positive spirit that shines through everything he does.

Jeff brings men, women, and children to the stage to interact as his assistants Photo by Dianne R. Davis


He is an action packed juggler, he is an comedian, he is an entertainer. And he is cute too. It's all good. Enjoy this dynamic, zany, energetic spirited performer in the Q Theater at The Quad. Tickets start at $38.50 including tax. For tickets, call 702-731-3311 or go to Ticketmaster. Call 702-731-3311 to check dark dates for this 4 pm show. Learn and see more at

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