Hyde Bellagio Review – The Perfect Spot to take you from Sunset to Sunrise

Since taking over one of the most sought after locations in all of Las Vegas, Hyde Bellagio has quickly taken its place among the hottest night spots on the strip since opening New Year’s Eve 2011. While you will want to make sure you are at Hyde for the late night party, don’t miss out on the early evening pleasures that Hyde provides.

Hyde Bellagio Fountains Patio

Hyde actually opens the doors at 5 p.m. and minus the hundreds of people, the setting is even more beautiful with a little daylight shining in. If you are looking for something a little light as opposed to one of those two hour and two thousand calorie Las Vegas dinners, Hyde has an amazing menu of small plates from neighboring Circo. You must start off the evening with the Ahi  Tuna Tartar “Cones.” They are exactly how they sound a mini cone topped with perfectly prepared Ahi Tuna, great bite-size portions to share. You can also find Caprese Crostini, Kusshi Oysters. Hyde has plush couches that provide a perfect view of the world-famous Fountains of Bellagio, which were recently voted as the top U.S. Landmark by Tripadvisor.com. Whether it is early in the evening or late into the morning, the open air setting paired with this view makes Hyde a must visit while you are in Las Vegas.

Cocktails at Hyde

A perfect way to enjoy the sun and summer breeze is with the unique cocktail menu at Hyde and there is not a better picture to be taken in all of Las Vegas than you raising your cocktail against the Fountains of Bellagio and the lights of Las Vegas as the sun goes down. Two cocktails that were clearly created to combat the Las Vegas heat and do the job perfectly are the Strawberry Shandy and the Hyde Bramble. The Strawberry Shandy is muddled with fresh strawberries and the Hyde Bramble is prepared with Plymouth Gin, St. Germain, fresh lemon juice and blackberry foam. The Hyde Bramble is the best drink on the menu and the real treat is that all of those flavors somehow infuse into the ice, making the ice a perfect treat once your cocktail is done. For a group of friends, Hyde’s expert mixologists have created refreshing pitchers of Sangria, Strawberry Basil Lemonade and Spicy Hurricane. If you need an experience with your cocktail, try the liquid nitrogen drink that is created right in front of you on their Liquid Nitrogen Cable Car. You are certain to have everyone at Hyde watching as the smoke rises from your tasty drink.

Mahi Crabbe "Live Music Thursdays"

To enhance your early evening experience, Hyde added “Live Music Thursdays.” The setting is perfect to take in some live music, you can just kick back and enjoy the view or hit the dance floor. Hyde books some great acts for this Thursday event and the sound system is spectacular. The lineup at Hyde this summer includes;  The Paul Charles Band, The Peter Love Band and resident entertainer and American Idol Finalist Mahi Crabbe. Once 10 p.m. hits you will be treated to world-class DJ’s and a party that is so energetic you will want to stay until sunrise.

Hyde Bellagio

If you say to yourself after seeing the view at Bellagio that you never want to leave, Hyde allows you that opportunity. Literally a place you could find your seat in the evening, dine, drink and enjoy music and then find yourself on the dance floor or at one of Hyde’s amazing VIP tables. Hyde is simply a little more intimate and will provide you with a little different experience than any other nightclub in all of Las Vegas.

For more information on Hyde Bellagio, visit: http://hydebellagio.com/

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