DJ Loczi - Bringing a New Nightlife to Las Vegas

As Las Vegas evolves into a more nightclub driven city, the DJ has become the face of that evolution. The DJ has become so much more that someone just spinning records, they have become iconic and as much as any other act in Las Vegas they have become center of the entertainment industry in Vegas.

Once you make your way into Studio 54 at the MGM, DJ Loczi will take your senses on a trip through fantasy and reality allowing you to see just have far nightclubs have come with his creation “Electric Dream.” DJ Loczi makes sure that the beats are keeping the crowd on the dance floor but it is what is happening on stage with him that takes this show to a new level. The LED light show, then you have a mixture of dancers, aerialists and acrobatic performances along with live musicians and somehow DJ Loczi keeps the music perfectly orchestrated while all these over the top performances are going on around him.

DJ Loczi performing at Wet Republic

“It’s not the same show every weekend, we keep it fresh and new, the music and the showmanship are always evolving” said DJ Loczi. “MGM isn’t afraid to do something new and spectacular; they have been great in letting me develop this show.”

DJ Loczi has been honing his DJ skills for fourteen years, but it takes a little more than playing some records to create an atmosphere that will keep you coming back. In addition to always working on creating the most intricate show in Las Vegas, DJ Loczi spends a couple of days per week in the studio creating music and he also takes in his experience from traveling the world to help develop his onstage identity.

“You really have to have a love and passion for music. When I play music I am very connected to the crowd, you have to get a feel for the crowd and you have to know where to take them,” said DJ Loczi. “Once the people are in the door, they have to be entertained and we give them serious entertainment production value.”

The nightlife can wind up leading you to the sunrise the next day before your head hits your pillow, but set your alarm as DJ Loczi is also part of the hottest trend in Vegas over the past few years and that is the daytime pool party.

The pool parties have there own unique settings, so it pays off to know what you are looking for before you just jump into the closest pool. Liquid Pool at ARIA is a smaller venue, you can expect a bit more sophisticated crowd and with that is a little more of an exclusive setting. Wet Republic is home to a much bigger crowd and you will find a wilder atmosphere with a younger party crowd. Both are fabulous to hang out for the day, but each one gives you something different. I would suggest you just give them both a try; you are not going to be disappointed.

“Pools are more casual, I play a lot of music that isn’t always danceable but I get away with it because people are just relaxing,” added DJ Loczi. “But it is so different, it has to do with being surrounded by people in bikinis and swimsuits, the atmosphere just gradually builds up into this huge sexy vibe.”

Las Vegas grew its legend based off of gambling, but few will argue that over the years while gambling is king, the nightlife is catching up. There are so many options in Las Vegas that your head will be spinning from the choices that are presented to you, but it all comes down to what is going be an experience and not just another night out. You have to think if you had one night in Vegas that you want to remember the rest of your life and you want that night to end the next day, don’t look for just a DJ, look for an entertainer, which is what DJ Loczi is.

Las Vegas is probably the number one city in the world for nightlife, most of the most prominent DJ’s in the world have their own residency somewhere in Vegas,” said DJ Loczi. “Vegas is one of those cities that people visit for the entertainment, they visit for the nightclubs, and some people plan their entire vacation around just that.”

You can find DJ Loczi spinning at Studio 54 performing his “Electric Dream” show every Friday for the rest of the summer and into the fall. He will also be spinning at Wet Republic every Friday afternoon beginning June 8th until August 12th. You can also catch him at Liquid Pool at Aria on July 16th.

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