`Brunchlesque' at Boomers Bar Review - a Farewell Tribute to Loulou Roxy


We all know about the big time Performers and shows here in Las Vegas. Fun. Glamorous. Extravagant.  I enjoy it greatly. What I also enjoy, is bringing attention to the other side of the coin, so-to-speak.  The small local venues, and the performers who ply their talents out of love and passion for their art. 

Along with the Grand Spectacles, I want to "showcase" some of these smaller shows , venues, and artist.   I first met Loulou Roxy when I did an Article for Splash Magazine, about the Pinup Pointe Gallery  (now sadly closed)  in Las Vegas, and again in an article I did about the Sin City Gallery  in Las Vegas.

Loulou came to Las Vegas  in 1997. This performance  was a  "Farewell" Tribute show, before moving to Detroit. She was performing, along with several other Artist, at a neighborhood establishment called Boomers Bar. Boomers is one of those fun little Dive Bars, on the West side of town.  Presented by Brunchlesque, and  Produced by the man in his pajamas, Ricardo Montalbum the show brought in a myriad of Talent to help say a fond farewell to Loulou.

Loulou was a founder of Sin City Kittens and started doing Burlesque in 2003. She has done Live Burlesque since then and says that her ... "on stage persona is out there. It's all of those bits and pieces of myself that society, public, employers etc, find to be too hot to handle. It still amazes me how intertwined my character and the person on my driver's license are. One thing I've loved about performance in the burlesque world is how creative it allows me to be, for me. It's been a wonderfully liberating experience to be on stage. It's forced me to love my body and create with me in mind. It also comes with an incredible global community filled with amazing creative' s".

Among the other performers on the evening were; Reni Flux, Jack O'Hartz, Lolita Haze, Sue Nami Sake, May Blush, Jennifer PaigeVi Vacious, Aya Fontaine, and Sweetie Bird.

The wickedly charming hostess for the evening, dressed in naughty green satin, was Miss Karla Joy.

Brunchlesque will present more unique venues and talent around Las Vegas in the coming months, and `Brunchlesque After Dark' is not to be missed from what I understand. Advertising as `burlesque.boobs.pie.' The shows are a wonderful blend of local talent and venues.


Loulou is looking forward to her new journey moving to Detroit . She married this past December and her hubby is based in Detroit. She is looking forward to performing in Detroit and notes she will be close to Chicago and New York . No doubt new stages and journeys await this vivacious bundle of curves. More good news is that Loulou will be back in Las Vegas every couple of months, working with a Production Company in town. Perhaps we will yet be able to coax her into performing. Again !   

Watch for upcoming Articles here in Splash Magazine, from the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and a story about the most Iconic Showgirl in Las Vegas, Janet boyd.

And don't forget, keep those cards and letters coming in.

Photography by Greg Autry



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