ARIA Resort & Casino Review – Everything You Could Want in Las Vegas Under One Roof

Las Vegas is to adults what Disneyland is to kids. The ultimate in fun, experiences galore and what might just be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, although hopefully you get to experience it at least few times.

How fun would Disneyland be if you had to take a taxi to experience some of its rides? Las Vegas is no different, waiting in a long line for a taxi or dealing with traffic on the congested strip can take a little of the fun out of your experience. ARIA Resort & Casino took all the hassle out of your Vegas vacation by giving you everything you want to enjoy and putting it all under one roof.

ARIA at Night


ARIA hits you as soon as you enter the casino: the 150,000 square foot casino floor is staggering. Then you take in the glimmering light from the stunning gold fixtures. You get a very modern and stylish feel throughout, and from ARIA to City Center you will be amazed by the design. From the most modern rooms on the strip, to restaurants galore, shopping and clubbing galore, if you can’t find it here, well Vegas just probably isn’t for you.

You have to start off with the rooms at ARIA, because they are truly one of a kind. Don’t be fooled by people who say the room doesn’t matter as you won’t be spending much time there. Those people clearly have not experienced a room at ARIA. After a long day or night in Vegas, there is nothing better than sinking into one of the plush beds that make what little sleep you get truly enjoyable. To take in everything your room has to offer, you don’t even have to get out of bed; the remote control and television control the entire room–lights, curtains, temperature, music, wake-up calls . . . you’ll wish you had this in your house. Make sure you open those curtains, as you will want to take in the view of Las Vegas provided by the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.

Stunning room at ARIA


As tempting as it is to stay in the luxurious room, let’s be serious, this is Las Vegas. Now that you are rested, it‘s time to make your way out for the evening. So many choices! You have to be thankful ARIA paired up with the Light Group to provide you with HAZE and the Gold Lounge and LIQUID, the pool lounge that lets you take that clubbing experience poolside. HAZE did not waste anytime putting its stamp on Vegas as one of the hottest clubs in town. The list of celebrities in attendance and performing is long and impressive, and what might be even longer is the line to get inside. For a more intimate experience, I recommend the Gold Lounge. Very stylish and upscale, this is the perfect place if you don’t want to deal with the masses. Keep your eyes open for 80’s night at the Gold Lounge; you can’t help but have a memorable evening, taking in the classic music and dancing till the early hours of the morning. Finally, for the summertime, LIQUID is a great place to catch some rays and cool off in the pool while enjoying some of the hottest DJ’s in Las Vegas, such as DJ Loczi. There are a number of other great spots throughout ARIA to grab a drink and hang out with friends; you can just wander around all night and take it all in.

DJ David Gueta at HAZE


In terms of dining, ARIA is the end all for any foodie. You would have to plan quite a lengthy vacation before you would run out of new dining options, and they all seem to outdo each other in terms of creativity and decadence. There is not enough room to touch on every restaurant; there are literally that many. So I will give you a few of my favorites. Sirio Ristorante is the latest Italian restaurant from Sirio Maccioni, and if you love authentic Italian food, this is the place to come. UNION restaurant and lounge is home to the best prime aged steaks in Las Vegas, and it is a perfect setting to take in the sights and sounds of ARIA as you are right next to the casino. One of the more beautiful restaurants in all of Las Vegas is Sage. Sage is a delight to experience because Chef Shawn McClain is always changing up his menu to make sure you have the freshest and most in-season flavors. While at Sage, make sure to try the restaurant’s signature Tea Rose Cocktail. This is just a handful of the amazing restaurants at ARIA; you also have restaurants from Chefs Julian Serrano, Michael Mina, Masayoshi Takayama and Jean-Georges Vongerichten.



You ate, you probably stayed out too late and you tried to work in some sleep somewhere along the line; what’s left to do? How about giving a little bit back to your body and visit the fitness center and the Spa & Salon at ARIA. As a connoisseur of gyms, Las Vegas can clearly use a little help, but ARIA again got it right with its fitness center. You don’t have to worry about fighting for a treadmill in this gym, since there is plenty of equipment and a wide variety of classes for you to choose from. This is hands down the best gym at any casino on the strip.


The Spa & Salon at ARIA is on par with any in Las Vegas; any treatment you can think of, they have and when you get to the locker room you will find first-class service and a setting that will put you a relaxed state of mind, and will also leave you feeling completely pampered. In Vegas, due to the sun, the long hours you might keep, and the second-hand smoke you are subjected to, I always would recommend a facial if you get any treatment while you are in town. You will leave feeling like a new person. The ARIA Signature Revitalizing Facial is the way to go when you are looking for a specific treatment. Your face is going to feel like it was given a new lease on life: your pores are opened, any impurities you picked up along that way are banished and your face is left feeling fresh and hydrated. You are also given a clinical strength treatment to help smooth and soften those little lines on your face that you are trying to hide from. Once you have had your first facial, you will be hooked.

With the holiday season soon approaching, ARIA is a great gift-giving option, whether as a weekend getaway, dinner, a spa treatment or any reminders of your Vegas experience from one of the many shops in ARIA. If you are looking for a tasty treat to take home and put into that someone special’s stocking, Jean Philippe Patisserie has created some tasty chocolate treats that are perfect for the holidays. Cherubic Santas, chocolate truffles and iced sugar cookies are wonderful gifts or winter indulgences. The Pâtisserie is also decorated with beautiful holiday-themed cakes and sculptures.


Poker room inside of ARIA

The Spa & Salon at ARIA came up with something creative to go along with the holiday season as well. They are offering an herbal peppermint pedicure. The salon adds a hint of mint as well with their herbal peppermint pedicure. The 50-minute salon treatment combines a relaxing warm peppermint tea bath with a lemongrass and lavender pumice scrub and peppermint-infused mask to relieve inflammation. A rich cream is then deeply massaged into shopping-wearied feet and complemented with a steamed Thai poultice to loosen muscle tightness.

Finally, how can we forget Elvis; this is Las Vegas! ARIA is home to Viva Elvis™ by Cirque du Soleil®. Whether you are a long-time Elvis fan or you are just familiar by name only, this is one of the shows you must enjoy while in Las Vegas. You are given a look at Elvis, his life and his music while incorporating dance, acrobatics and live music.

The options for you to choose from in Las Vegas just continue to grow each year, but if you want to relax for a weekend in one spot and take it all in, ARIA is the resort and casino for your stay. Just make sure your vacation is long enough to take it all in, since you are likely to run out of time before you run out of places to visit in ARIA. One more tip: add an extra vacation day for when you get home to recover from this memorable vacation.

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(photos courtesy of MGM)

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