The Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil

I first learned back in June 2006 that Cirque Du Soleil was producing a show revolving around the Beatles music and history.  The minute I heard the news, I knew I had to see this show.  I had high expectations because not only am I a Beatles fanatic but I am also a fan of performing arts so this mixture of entertainment sounded like perfection to me. 

The Cast of LOVE

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil was the highlight of my holiday in Las Vegas and a wonderful way to close 2006.  The show turned out to be the most amazing performance show I have ever seen in my life, so much so that I was almost brought to tears a few times. I felt so lucky to be able to see this show, and I will probably go back and see it a second and third time.  Also keep in mind that there is a Beatles Revolution lounge in the Mirage hotel, so after you experience LOVE you can drop into the lounge for a few cocktails. 

Union Jack and Psychadelic Hallway

LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil plays at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Once you find your way through the hotel casino and towards the Beatles LOVE section, you will find an area complete with a psychedelic, color changing walkway along with the British Union Jack flag hanging over your head then leading you to the performance arena.  Once you are in that section of The Mirage, you know that soon you will be in a whole new world. 





"A Day In The Life"

When you walk into the performance arena before the show starts there are various performers hanging out, being silly and talking to audience members.  The show then starts out transporting you into in a grim and dark time in history, the aftermath of World War 2 in Liverpool, England which is where the Beatles legacy was born.  You will notice that war is a strong theme throughout the rest of the show with scenes including military men condemning people from drinking tea and being free. 

There are times of peace and happiness as well, throughout the show.  Times when the performers do yoga and practice meditation for peace and other times when there are girls going mad over the Beatles, which is very realistic in the history of early Beatles while there are other times that are magical and set in complete fantasy such as the VW beetles cars driving through the air while 'A Day In The Life' is playing. 

Keep in mind that Beatles music playing over everything not missing a beat and moving in time with the performance.  One of my favorite parts of the show is the scene that features a male dancer in the center of the stage with four female dancers doing acrobatics touching down on the ground and then lifting up and flying again over and over while 'Something' sung by George Harrison from the Abbey Road album is playing in the background.  The theme of this performance being that the man in the center can't chose which female he would like to be with while all four females are in love with him.  The number ends with the male alone and all the girls lifted up into space, leaving nothing for him-an absolute classic!  There are also many times throughout the show where the audience is included in the action, I don't want to give too much information away and spoil it but all I can say is you absolutely must go see this show!

The Beatles LOVE will bring the magic of Cirque du Soleil together with the spirit and passion of The Beatles to create an intimate and powerful entertainment experience.  The custom-built theatre at The Mirage features 360 seating, panoramic video projections and surround sound which will envelop the audience, who will experience The Beatles music like never before. Presented exclusively at The Mirage in Las Vegas, this joint artistic venture marks the first time that The Beatles company, Apple Corps Ltd., has agreed to a major theatrical partnership.  LOVE was born out of a personal friendship and mutual admiration between the late George Harrison and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte. 

Me, At The Revolution Lounge after the show


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