Eve the Nightclub - Taking Vegas Nightlife to New Heights

Las Vegas nightlife has seen an endless list of nightclubs that have become the definition of style over substance. Eve the Nightclub put the substance back into your night and left you with more than enough style to give you the best of both worlds.

The best dance floor in Vegas

Eva Longoria Parker put her signature on her restaurant Beso and then managed to outdo herself with the stunning Eve, which is right upstairs from Beso. In an era in which each nightclub attempts to out extravagance each other in terms of decadence, Eve gives you everything that you want in a nightclub while keeping it more intimate while providing you with a far less pretentious feeling than you get at the majority of clubs in Las Vegas.

Private booth at Eve

The Las Vegas nightclub scene has gotten to the point of becoming how do we get as many people in the door, leaving you feeling as though you are just a number. When you enter Eve you will feel like anything but just a number as you are provided with a setting that is not only a party atmosphere, but it is also not so overwhelming that you are going to find yourself getting lost in the crowd.

Stunning view on the second floor of Crystals

"You'll have the opportunity to have an amazing, wonderful dinner and walk upstairs to one of the classiest, sexiest bottle services on the Strip," said Eva.

Tony and Eva celebrating at Eve

Sexy is a great description of not only the bottle service, but of the entire nightclub. The bottle service with your private booth is an amazing experience and the staff at Eve is as good as it gets on the strip. The executive hosts will make sure you get set up and the rest of the Eve staff will handle things from there. You are taken care of from the minute you sit down to the time you leave and you will begin to think your server is reading your mind as they are taking care of your needs almost before you can think to ask. Don't worry if you are not getting bottle service, if you just come up to enjoy the evening you will not be shortchanged as the bar staff is just as good and the drinks come to you fast and prepared just the way you like them.

If your intention is to enjoy the nightlife while you are in Las Vegas and you want to dance and enjoy music Eve is the place to do just that and hopefully you can catch the sunrise through the mirrored floor-to-ceiling windows. What I found that sets Eve apart from the rest of Las Vegas is the experience on the dance floor. The sound system is literally one-of-a-kind in Las Vegas and your ears will notice the difference. At most clubs you probably can't tell, but after one night at Eve you will realize that the crystal clear sound really enhances your experience. Add to that the video screens that surround the dance floor, elevated dancers and world-class DJs and you are left with one memorable night.

If you have not had a chance to visit Crystals, Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to grab an amazing dinner at Beso and then head upstairs after to enjoy the rest of the night at Eve. Friday night Eve is hosting an Endless Summer party and Sunday Playboy "Playmate of the Year" Jayde Nicole will be hosting the evening.

For more information on Eve the Nightclub, visit: www.evethenightclub.com

To get a look at Beso, visit: http://tiny.cc/u323u

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