Banger Mus.I.C Album release--Music Destruction in Full Effect

Listen to the beat, there’s something unique about it.  You have heard that sound if you’ve seen the Jabberwockeez  perform  Mus.I.C, but who is producing that hot new electronic beat?

The answer to your question is the Bangerz are the producers of that new electronic sound.  Their new album release of " Mus.I.C" is sure to create a genre of its own.  This album is a follow up to the successful single, “ Robot Remains,” which was released in August 2010.  

The Bangerz in effect

The six man turn-tablist, hailing from San Jose, are known for their turntable magic.  They have put their musical talents to full effect, producing a sound that has many people asking the question of where can the music to which the Jabberwockeez perform be purchased? The answer: as of March 01, 2011, the full release of the Bangerz "Mus.I.C" album will be available through Itunes.

The Bangerz


After you’ve experienced this release you’re certainly going to want to stay tuned for the extend play version—“music destruction"— Bangerz released! According to DJ Custso, "This is just the beginning of our collaboration."   The Bangerz twelve year odyssey is the beginning of much more to come.

The 6 man turntablist/DJ Artists, the Bangerz, have brought their signature rhythms to the forefront, giving audiences something that they can now take away from the performances.  If you’ve never been to Las Vegas or heard the sound of the Bangerz you’re in for a new musical experience. Once you download the tracks from Itunes I’m certain that you will be motivated to travel to Las Vegas to see the Jabberwockeez—now appearing at the Monte Carlos—perform their expressive dance to the musical infusing sounds of the Bangerz.  


The Bangerz have been steadily gaining fame through more than 12 years of tenacity and joint collaboration with the phenomenal dance group the Jabberwockeez.    With numerous DJ titles under their belt, including the 2001 DMC Regional Champions and 2000 ITF Western Hemisphere Team Champions, they were the first DJ group to utilize a 12-turntable team routine that transcended gimmicks – a feat that turntablism had never witnessed before. This eclectic DJ and production team has experience in every component of the music game from owning 17 Hertz, (one of the most successful studios in the Bay Area), to producing hits and DJ-ing with some of the world’s greatest.


The Bangerz have, as a group, produced music for various commercials including McDonald’s and Pepsi, and for top selling artists like Blacked Eyed Peas, Kelis, and 50 Cent. As DJ’s, they have shared the stage with Afrika Bambaataa, The Clipse, ?uestlove (of The Roots), Raekwon, Ghostface, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Z-Trip, Mix Master Mike, A-Trak, and many more. They have also toured all over the world with Carlos Mencia and the Jabbawockeez.

The initial release

In closing my interview with DJs Nick and Cutso, they left me with an impression that their strength and success is derived from their tenacity of working together and being each other's role models and pillars of support. Their dynamic collaboration shows in the success of the collective participation of all members in putting together what's sure to be a successful album.

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