WOW! Creations 2014 Oscar Gifting Suite - Superlative Style and Fashion

WOW! Creations took Hollywood by storm to host their annual Oscar Week Gifting Experience in the Penthouse of the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Oscar Nominee June Squibb


Fego Gioielli


Despite the rain that accentuated Oscar week this year, the weather had no effect on the Suite. Countless celebrities and major press attended, due to WOW! Creations’ stellar reputation with celebrities and brands alike. 

Splash Magazine Publisher Lawrence David with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin


Vance Family Soy Candles


“This is a great way to elevate your brands exposure by getting the product in the hands of some of Hollywoods biggest stars,” remarked Mark and Matt Harris, who have a reputation as celebrities themselves in the gift suite and promotions arenas.

The Harris brothers’ event was host to fun new products, fine skincare and top fashion as it brought together A-list actors, VIPs and press in honor of the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

Five Wives Vodka


WOW! Creations is a Los Angeles-based marketing company founded by brothers Mark and Matt Harris. Mark and Matt are known as the “Tastemakers” for their luxurious and trendy gifting lounges and star-studded events.


WOW! Creations offers companies the opportunity to brand their products and services and promote their merchandise at special celebrity events connected with Hollywood award shows and other high-profile events across the country. Their celebrity and VIP gift bags are known throughout Los Angeles and all over the country for creating enormous swag and media buzz, which has earned them the title of “The Kings of Swag”.



Liuli Gongfang




Liuli Gongfang or (琉璃工房) is Taiwan's only contemporary glass studio devoted to artistic Chinese glassware. Since its establishment in 1987 Liuligongfang has become known in Asia and abroad for its outstanding artistic endeavours and its high standard of craftsmanship. A gorgeous line of products -- must be seen to be believed!



Living Noir 


Living Noir was gifting Nominees a $50,000 certificate for a Hawaiian Vacation.


Dr. Kathy Gohar - Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center 


Dr. Kathy Gohar is the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon to the Stars. Having trained in both General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Gohar understands the needs of aging skin and delivers to perfection. Dr. Gohar is the founder of Beverly Hills Medi Spa, one of the leading skin resurfacing centers in Southern California.


Sugar Shack Candles


Sugar Shack Candles will brighten up your home and make your home smell fabulous with their

to help make your home smell as though you would  like to never leave. Products include Candles, Votives, Potpourri, and Fragrance Oils you’ll love!


Vance Family Soy Candles


Vance Family Soy Candles


Vance Family Soy Candles are the sought after candles in the Pacific Northwest. They are handcrafted to be the very best. Only organic plant essences/extracts/flavors and pure essential oils are used in Vance candles (others, including "natural" candles, contain synthetic, petroleum based fragrance loaded with toxic phthalates and petro-chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer, asthma, headaches and sick disease). No toxic dye is used in our candles so they blend with any decor. Vance Candles labels are designed by a local artist and hand assembled using unbleached & recycled paper. Only renewable, low smoke cotton wicks are used and of course, GMO-free Soy. Vance body products are all made with natural and organic, healing ingredients that will heal soothe your skin, soul and mind!


Paper Shower 


Paper Shower


Paper Shower gifted everyone samples of their portable shower wipes. Dr. Jim Bahcall founded the company in order to bring a handy and useful package for everyone who needs cleansing after a bike ride, work out, beach trip and more. Paper Shower comes in a small easy to use package equipped with wet and dry towelettes. It is also the first combination of a wet and dry towelette pack in the world. 


Corey Taylor Talks

Watch Corey Taylor Talks online each Thursday from 6-7pm PST for some amazing guests. You don't want to miss it!



Zumer Sport




Zumer Sport is the most innovative and exciting sports-related products company in the world, taking the best parts of sports and creating unique, useful and intriguing products. Zumer Sport products are created using the ACTUAL material from your favorite sport. Zumer Sport products are an excellent promotional tool, which can be customized for any business, organization or school. 



Radar Watches


Radar Watches


Radar Watches has 1 watch, 10 colors, 100 possible combinations.Get on the Radar with their AGENT or SPECIAL AGENT light up LED interchangeable watches. Are You On The RADAR?


Pampered Me Organically 

Pampered Me Organically is a Canadian owned company that sells organic bath and beauty products with a mission to provide high quality organic products that are good for your health and well being, as well as the environment. There are no harmful chemicals, fragrances, colourants, preservatives, or animal ingredients in Pampered Me Organically products, as they strive to be an environmentally conscious, organic, completely biodegradable company.






Insta-Knot’s two-piece tie design can be used to create traditional single color ties or more daring mix and match combinations. “There are so many possibilities to create your own fashion statement and be a trend setter,” creator Marcia said. “We look forward to working closely with different industries to help make this a distinguished uniform design.” The 2013 Inpex Trade Show for Inventors gave Marcia and three-year-old CEO Timothy The Gold Medal Award.


Hammer & Nails 

What if a nail salon existed for men? What if men could get pampered in an environment suited to their tastes? What if men could receive a manicure while watching sports and sipping a refreshing beverage in a king-size leather chair? Plans to create Hammer & Nails – The Nail Shop for Guys soon followed the questions, and what was once just a vision is now a reality. As a male-owned nail shop, Hammer & Nails understands your need to feel comfortable and the kind of environment that makes a man happy. It’s with this understanding that they created this unique salon experience.


Gary Red 



Gary Red is a cutting-edge, Los Angeles-based apparel brand  committed to connecting people of all cultures using the power of  diversity, freedom and community.


Fego Gioielli Jewelry 



The Fego Gioielli line offers uniquely designed statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, using only the finest rare gemstones and high quality materials, sourced from places such as Italy and India. The large scale necklaces boast effervescent gems, featuring Dentritic or Peruvian Opals, Carnelians and Chrysoprase paired with 18kt Vermeil or Sterling Silver. Custom designs are available upon request. From the Hamptons to Hollywood, people have become enamored of Fego Gioielli Jewelry, quickly making it a must have for their collections.


Pretend Tan 


Pretend Tan


Pretend Tan was onsite gifting their self-tanning spray to all guests. The Canadian company has created a tanning mist that allows users to get a smooth even tan without the damaging effects of the sun. The product works on all skin types and helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and cellulite. Pretend Tan will help give your skin a beautiful and healthy bronze glow with one quick application. 


Pura Botanica


Pura Botanica


From the world, comes their inspiration. The beauty, peace, pleasure and intrigue of places we know and love, transposed into little luxuries. Their passions run deep – to ingredients and outcomes that sustain wellness. To exquisite recipes that lift your senses and your spirit. To beguiling treasures that bring simple joy in unexpected ways. In a world rich with secrets to impart, Pura Botanica seeks to share the most transcendent of finds. Come, journey with them. Your passport to bliss awaits.


DB Bourbon Candy 



DB Bourbon Candy is, quite simply, the Best Home Made Bourbon Candy In Kentucky.






The indiExhibit is an officially registered non-profit organization that specializes in promoting the talent of creatives from around the globe. Their members participate in unique special events ranging from red carpet gifting suites to backstage concert events and charity benefits with the goal of bringing the amazing creativity of independent artists to the world, one event at a time. 


Hollywood Clown

Writer, Actor, Musician, Artist & overall creative type, Jason Lassen brings you behind the scenes of the competitive and political world of children’s birthday parties in Los Angeles in this fascinating book. Sometimes the truth can be painfully funny.







Lovesque encompasses the power of the female charm, bringing a sparkle of inspiration and sophistication to women throughout the world.



Puppa Nutter 



Puppa Nutter is a 100% all natural peanut butter snack made with only the highest grade U. S. grown and harvested peanuts. The only other ingredient added into this snack is the golden flax seed rich in omega-3 fatty acids, known to add a sheen to a pup’s coat.





Penta's patented 13-step, 11-hour filtration and purification process uses high speed and pressure to transform drinking water into smaller, more readily absorbed water clusters. The result is fast hydration for peak health and performance. Penta is water in its purest form carefully crafted using physics, not chemistry, to enhance mental clarity, endurance, and recovery. Live pure. Drink Penta.






Each candle is uniquely created with a personal touch by BrVelle.  Each season a new style of candle is released, creating your favorite memories  of the season.  No doubt, you will enjoy the BrVelle collection as much as BrVelle and her team enjoys creating it.



Simply Divine Brownies


At Simply Divine Brownies, you'll find a delectable array of gourmet brownies. Do you swoon for peanut butter? Then try our out-of-this-world peanut butter brownie. Go nuts for caramel? How about our scrumptious turtle brownie? With over 30 brownies to choose from, there is sure to be a perfect brownie match for everyone on your shopping list! 



Dorothy's Candies


Taste the Difference in Dorothy's Candies! Dorothy's Candies has been creating pure Swiss chocolates, with hand-crafting, in the Pittsburgh area for over 65-years. Their fine chocolates feature rich, creamy chocolates -- kissed with just the right hint of vanilla -- unparalleled! In fact, from the minute you open a box of our fine chocolates, the amazing aroma will astound you.


Krystal Klear Water 


Krystal Klear Water, which gifted a $795 Drinking Water Filtration System, came up with an Environmentally “Green” product that’s maintenance free. Removes all the harmful chemicals. Gets rid of the scale build-up inside your pipes. Makes your skin softer. Prevents the color in your clothes from fading. Gives you the best tasting water you could ever imagine. 


Mane Kiss

Mane Kiss is a line of Hair Parfum Shine Mist, Hair Parfum Serum, Protein Restyling Mist, Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner products that will keep your Mane Style fresh, voluminous and smelling great at all times. Perfect for women that wear frequently blow-out their hair and wear extensions.





Join the mybody revolution and discover what good skin feels and looks like with their premier line of anti-aging skincare products. mybody has been featured in style blogs such as Beauty Besties and and has been mentioned in numerous women’s beauty and lifestyle magazines. Since mybody launched in May 2011 it has continued to provide solutions and remedies for skin problems caused by environmental stressors and lifestyle habits. Join the multitude of people already using mybody skin care and show the world your true beauty.


Be You-T-Full



For many of us, the media continues to define unattainable standards of beauty through glossy magazine covers, movies, and TV programs. "How can I look my best?" is a common question. This book has answers to that and other questions and empowers you to become the best looking and feeling person you can be - inside and out. You'll learn from an experienced expert, Dr. Beth Haney, DNP about product ingredients, sun screen, acne, and much more but it's fun and easy to read! 


Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Sarah's Skinny Sweets  is a Gluten Free, Low Carb, Paleo and Diabetic Friendly Cookie Company specializing in Guilt Free treats! 


Sarah's Skinny Sweets


Their mission is to make the healthiest and tastiest gluten-free cookie possible, and the result is cookies that are low in carbs and sugar! Filled with wholesome ingredients that are good for you! Sarah uses only the finest organic ingredients, and put love and care in each batch -- all of the taste with none of the guilt!



kkAda Sutra


kkAdra Sutra


kkAda is the best caramel experience in the world!  Our caramel in made form exotic Indian spices.  kkAda is the only all caramel, non creamy liqueur made in the world.  kkAda is as good in the kitchen, as it is in the bar.  When you say CARAMEL, say kkAda!  



Bainbridge Vodka & Gin


Sponsors of the Suite also included Bainbridge Vodka & Gin, Monster Energy, Glisodin, Hint Water, Roots and Uddercreme.


WOW! Creations is a celebrity marketing and public relations company in Los Angeles. WOW! Creations was founded in 2004 by brothers Matt and Mark Harris providing celebrities and VIPs luxurious gift bags throughout Los Angeles and around the country. The company produces high-end gift bags for Hollywood award shows, film festivals, beauty pageants, charity events, sporting events, individual gifting experiences and company launch parties. Some past events have included: Sundance Film Festival , Oscars, Emmys, Kentucky Derby, Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss USA, TV Land Awards, TBS Comedy Festival and many more.


The Harris brothers’ base in Los Angeles allows Mark and Matt the company the inside track on product news, and trends being set in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. The company strongly believes in celebrity product placement, helping companies market and advertise their merchandise with the biggest return on their investment.

Like them at Facebook, visit them on YouTube or see WOW! Creations Events on Flickr.


For more information, please visit the Wow! Creations website.


Star Trek's Chase Masterson with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin




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