Wine Riot 2013 Review - A Second Glass Presentation

Wine Riot 2013


Los Angeles Wine Riot 2013 was a blast

Hey everybody,

Its your favorite Jewel Rubee here with my Jewel Wrap Up on the Wine Riot this past Saturday at the Majestic Halls in Downtown LA. Now I am very excited to share this experience with my readers. I had a great time and best of all. I got to taste some delicious wines from all over the world. Second Glass brought together over 250 Wine Venders from all over the world to give you a night full of some of the most amazing wines. When I say goodtimes for grown ups thats exactly what this was.A Wine Drinkers Heaven to say the least.

While walking up to the front door to check in. I realized there was a long line of people outside. Which didnt suprise me at all. Due to the fact that after you purchase a ticket for this exclusive event. You will have access to taste any wine you want as much as you want for hours. Instead of going to the front of the line I decided to look for a promoter of the event so i can check in without waiting. It was easy. The first coordinator I saw I reached out to to let him know I needed to check in.And he kindly took me around another side with less people straight to the check in table. Where I was greeted by a nice young woman from Second Glass that was interning name Monica. Monica introduced herself, explain a little about the event, told me to grab a glass and enjoy

Eileen from Rhone Valley Winery really knew her wine

After grabbing my wine glass. I soon after was approached by a bubbly young lady named Eileen. Which lead me over to my first sample of the day courtesy Rhone Valley Wines. Eileen was very nice & you can tell this woman knew her wines. After telling me her husband owned a winery she then explained about the vineyard and the wine. I was really interested to learn that Rhone Valley is located Southeast of France. Divided in two distinct parts. North and South red wines take the lead and makeup the majority of the regions production. She then went on to tell me some of Rhone Valley Wines are made from 100% of one varietal. The North is the birthplace of the famous Syrah. In the south, Grenache, Mourvedre and Cinsault usually make up a blend with Syrah. Wines from Rhone Valley can also be white wines (primarily white grapes are Viogner, Grenache blanc, Clairetrte, Bouboulenc, Marsanne and Roussanne.
Then I tried my first sip of the night a 2012 Tavel a white wine. Dry but Full Bodied with a bland after taste. Taste like a good wine to go with seafood dishes. My next wine taste was a 2010 La petite Fontaine. I myself am not a red wine drinker. But this particular wine had a dry but fruity after taste I liked. A perfect wine for steaks and filet mignon dishes. Before I left her table Eileen convienced me to try one more red. It was a 2011 Ventoux Domaine de Fondreche. Not a wine I was very fond of but I did over hear the red wine drinkers around me say it would be a great wine with cheese.

Rhone Valley Wines

One thing I did like about Rhone Valley Wine is that they have great selections of wine for an affordable price.Professional and wine connoisseurs consider Rhone Valley Wine among the best value in the general wine market. You can get a bottle of Rhone Valley Wine anywhere from $9.00 to $25.00 dollars. Not bad for good quality wine if you ask me.

As I move on to my second winery a Chilean Winery named De Martino this wine company has some really great wines as well. Known for their Chadonnay’s and Cabernet Sauvignon. The unique thing about this Winery is the fact that its all organic wine. In 1998 De Martino began pioneering projects to convert their traditional agricultural methods into 100% organic. Two years later, they were certified organic by the German company BCS Oko-Garantie GMBH, before harvesting their first organic grapes in 2001. They took this decision for various reasons, including to respect and care for nature, but also because they firmly believe that by doing so the unique personality of their vineyards can be expressed in each of their wines. 
I learned so much about wine at this event I didnt know. Its incredible to see how these Wineries create some of the best wines. There was so many venders there is no way I could have tasted all the wines there and been functional enough to write about it. Also to tell you about over 250 different venders. I would have to write a book on wine. Now of course after tasting so many different wines.I have to share some of my favorites. There was a few. The first wine I absolutely adored. The Kobrand Wines are delicious Capasaldo Wine family expecially.
Sweet Moscato,  Sparklin Peach,

Capasaldo Family

Sweet Red and the so yummy Sweet Pink Merlot Moscato. Mmm. These are definately flavorful, tasteful and must have dessert wines. Im a Moscato drinker myself. So being a connessuer for different Moscato's is right up my alley. Kobrand Wine is known for their red and sparkling rose wines as well. 
Go to Kobrand Wines and Spirits Website to find out more about their deliscious wines.
Another favorite wine that I really enjoy was Simple Naked’s UnOaked Moscato 
just a wonderful sweet, taste I really liked. Simple Naked is a very popular wine. I myself have tasted it before. But this particular Moscato is now my favorite from them. To learn more about Simple Naked Wines visit their website.

Naked is so Delicious

I cant forget about is Moscato Dolce & Ilugo both wines had a sweet strong after taste that really gave you a smooth finish when drinking. Now before I get to my absolute favorite wine of the night. I have to talk about wines that werent so good. I tried a dry white oaked & unoaked wine that both were just not for me. The name Kudos a wine made by a vineyard located in Oregon I tried a oaked & unoaked Pinot Noir that just wasnt for me. I also tried another wine from UpRoot it was a Sauvignon Blanc that was way too dry and had a wierd after taste.Now dont get me wrong. I realize that all wineries are different and have a different taste for different wines. So just because i didnt enjoy a wine. Doesnt mean the wine isn't

Wine Riot LA


Goodtimes at the Wine Riot 2013

Before Im done here. I have to tell you guys about my handsdown favorite wine at the Wine Riot. The Quady Winery and I am in love with the lovely wines I tasted created by this winery. The have a countless number of good wines. The 
Quady Elysim Black


is a delightful wine.This wine in Europe is known as a table grape variety Muscat Hamburg, one of the very few black skinned muscat. When if ripened to about 25 brix it attains a rose-like aroma and litchi like flavor.Which is what lead the winery to name the wine, Elysium which is Greek for heaven. Another favorite from Quady I enjoyed is Electra Red $13.99. It has a delicately sweet, refreshingly crisp taste. With a hint of peach and melon it was true electrifying to the taste buds.Quady Winery also has a dry wine I enjoyed named Vya this wine will cost you about $25.00.
Vya is a fortified wine made with botanicals.Its a new type of aperitif vermouth, that produces an exceedly pleasant aromatic experience. Fresh and vibrant, Vya wakes up the taste buds.
To learn more about wines, purchase or contacts from Quary Winery


Ventuex Vineyards was one of the mobile app top favorite wines

Venteux another mobile app favorite


Another mobile favorite was the Madria Sangria

Mandria Sangria was a mobile app favorite


Some of my favorites of the night:

Capasoldo Moscato IGT $12.49
Madria Sangria $6
2010 Venteux Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon $48
Mionetto Sparkling Blood Orange-Herbal Cocktail $11.95
Mionetto Sparkling Elderflower Cocktail $11.99
Blufield Riesling $11.99
Before I go I want to take time out to thank Second Glass for putting together an amazing experience. Between countless wine selections, the great music Dj Andie Cassette, the photo booth, the tatoo booth and the good atmosphere and much more. It was a non stop great night. Also the Yelp desk for the free gifts the 411 information booth and UberLA car service go to Uber LA website and sign up to get $20 off your first ride.


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