Wicked Paradise - Hottest Event’s of 2015

Ouija Entertainment and L’Affaire Musicale combine forces to create six of the best events of the year called “Wicked Paradise.”  The fourth installment was a pool party at the Skybar at Mondrian in West Hollywood on August 29, 2015.  The event was an eclectic mix of artists from France, New York, D.C., and Los Angeles consisting of genres from nu disco and house to deep house, tech house, house, and Crunk.   

Ouija Entertainment, owned and operated by Matt Orlove, is based out of Los Angeles.  Matt has a passion to showcase unique talent from all over the world, known and unknown.  L’Affaire Musicale, owned and operated by Tom Astely, originated from London Town. Thereafter the company came on the Los Angeles music scene in 2014 via New York.  Tom’s brand has been recognized for the underground and main stream night life market.

The musical line-up for the West Hollywood event began with Faul and Wad Ad from France with the sounds of deep house, tech house, and house. Connect with Faul and Wad at: https://www.facebook.com/FaulMusic.  

Faul and Wad

Next up was Henry Krinkle from Los Angeles. He brought forth the electronic vibe, connect at: https://www.facebook.com/henrykrinklemusic.

Henry Krinkle

Third in line was Eau Claire from D.C. with the feel good vibe bringing nu disco and house, reach out at: https://www.facebook.com/iameauclaire.

Eau Claire

Final vibe of Crunk was by Nick Hook from New York, follow him at: https://www.facebook.com/hookemon.

Curt Reynolds

People flew into Los Angeles from all over the world to attend the “Wicked Paradise” event.  Stacy, Victoria, and Bahia arrived from Norway and Russia to celebrate a birthday; and Zach, Karen, and Anna flew in from Seattle Washington to join the part.  Kristofer, from Los Angeles, highly endorsed and recommends everyone attend Matt and Tom’s events: “These two really create the space for our minds to be blown and then they follow through with zeal. I feel like they're the only ones that can do what they do. I also feel like I never leave their events without having being "upgraded" a bit by the consistently satisfying creation of sound-craft in the line-up and the over-arching bliss-ambient of the beautiful crowd.”


Don’t miss the last two “Wicked Paradise” events scheduled on 09/06/2015 at The Rooftop at the Standard in downtown Los Angeles: 550 South Flower at 6th, and 09/13/2015 at the Skybar at Mondrain in West Hollywood: 8440 West Sunset Boulevard.  For more information contact Matt Orlove or Tom Astely  Once “Wicked Paradise” has wrapped up there will be more events scheduled so keep your eye open and attend all their parties.

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