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Walkabout to the Red Carpet with Juliet Kaska - The Jewel Wrap Up

By Rubee Jewel

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walkabout to the Red Carpet

Hey readers, so today I'm talking about fitness and who better to talk about fitness with then the lovely "Wonder Woman" of workouts celebrity fitness trainer Ms. Juliet Kaska. I love to workout so I was so excited to interview Juliet and attend her Walkabout to the Red Carpet Event supporting her 28 day challenge on healthy living.

The Wonder Woman Of Workouts

Juliet Kaska is a very well known fitness expert. She has worked with a countless number of people including celebrities like Stacey Keibler, Kandis Nelson and the owner the very popular Sprinkles Cupcakes. This "palates guru" has found herself changing lives one workout at a time.

The beauty of fitness

Originally from a small town in Bucks County Pennsylvania, Juliet Kaska used to train in classical ballet growing up. She found herself extremely self conscious which led her to be completely insecure about her body and weight. So she decided to hire a trainer, Lolita San Miguel, a pilates elder and one of the first original students of Josephs Palates.  After years of training she decided that being a trainer herself was what she wanted to do. Juliet soon went on to become one of the worlds leading fitness experts and fitness entrepreneurs.

Having a great time with Juliet

Take the challenge 28 days and 28 ways to fitness

After spending time around her at her Walkabout to the Red Carpet Event. Promoting her new fitness challenge the 28 day Walkabout to promote healthy living through walking every day for 28 days.  Taking this challenge offers people all over the world a chance to win a 2 day trip to Los Angeles to workout out with Juliet (Extremely well worth it).  Do to the fact you have completed something you've challenged yourself to do, but also getting to workout with one of the most strategic and talented fitness instructors in the workout world. Learning tips and betters ways to be fit and  healthy.Having knowledge of ways to keep yourself in shape is what Juliet Kaska is doing in her 28 day challenge. She is taking her opportunity as being a trainer to a whole new level. So be paying attention as her network only grows.

From being  the fitness spokes person for Vionic by Orthaheel fitness shoes, to her own fitness videos and soon to be opening up another fitness boutique in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that this beautiful, free spirited, inspirational women will only get bigger in her field rising to every challenge put in front of her and knocking down all barrier's in the mean time.


Vionic by Orthaheel Spokesperson Juliet Kaska


Published on Feb 25, 2014

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