Valentine's Edwardian Ball Review - the Hollywood Event Invites One and All

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The Sixth, and my Second, Edwardian Ball, "My Gorey Valentine"  was held in Hollywood California, at the historic Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard on Valentine's Night, 2015. The annual Event is held mid Award Season in tinsel-town and  its wonderful because everyone  comes out and gets into the glitz and glamour of The Hollywood Season. 




We are never at a loss of things to do in Southern California. I arrived a bit early to scope out things, and to get my Press Credentials.  I parked my car on the corner, adjacent to The Fonda Theatre.  As I was getting my gear out of my car, I stopped to look at my surroundings.  To my Left was the W Hotel, with cars and limo's lined up at the main entry.  Caddy-corner across the Street was the  Pantages Theatre, where an amazing Theatre Production of Wicked was playing another run.  I took my granddaughter to her first theatre experience to  see Wicked at the Pantages there, seems like yesterday.  We are never at a loss of things to do here in Southern California.   So tonight, let's see what's  cookin' at The Edwardian Ball.




The Edwardian Ball Los Angeles is a revelry of fun. I'm hoping it expands to two nights (I said that last year too), like San Francisco.  I invite you all, come and Play . You will find everything your imagination can conjur up. Art, Music, Circus, Dance, Fashion, Vendors, Games, and more :) 




Paradox Media and  Vau-de-Vire Society Produce the over the top  Soirée, and all the usual suspects were there.  There were fab  productions all night long. On Stage, and throughout the Fonda Venue. Sometime performers and dancers would just break out in the middle of the ball room, or on a staircase, on in a balcony overlooking everything. The lobby itself was filled with exhibitionist, and performers too. 





With my affinity for Fashion, especially sexy fashion, the Dark Garden presented a showcase for the uniquely San Franciscan line of Corsets and embellishments.






This year however, rather than the staged performances, I wanted to focus on the individuals. All the folks who  put on costumes, and makeup, make props, and come to the Ball as an expression of themselves and their creativity. Also, I was shooting a borrowed camera, which made me slower than usual.  Nevertheless, I was delighted to have the time to actually stop, and talk, and have some time to have fun and play myself.




I was also delighted to run into a few people who came up to me, and said that they came to the Ball this year, after reading about it in my Article for Splash Magazine last year. That's so cool :)  Kassie Stys, who came with her husband Scott for the first time, told me how amazed she was  with all the costumes and the amazing people.   She said they'll definitely be back .




It was so fun to meet people I photographed last year, and got to photograph again this year. Many of whom I've become friends with.  Sadly, one person I did not get to see, was Lawrence Davis.  The recently departed CEO and Publisher of Splash Magazine. But I know Lawrence was there, in Spirit, looking up at all the fun and naughty frivolity, with that Big Happy Smile of his.


Lawrence Davis



Now for a Personal Announcement. I will be moving my base of operations from Southern California. In April I will be moving to Las Vegas for an extended stay of three to six months.  I will be covering Las Vegas for Splash, and I will be doing research and working on the biography about Julian Ritter, and will endeavor to set up a Show in Vegas for Julian's Art. The show will highlight The Silver Slipper Collection, which I own, as well as other significant pieces which will be loaned to me  for the Exhibition. 


Hobo Clown by Julian Ritter

    Hobo Clown by Julian Ritter from the Silver Slipper Collection


After my stay in Vegas, I will move permanently to the San Jose area in  Northern California, where my wife Sandy will be waiting patiently for me.  Sandy has been transferred by her work to the Palo Alto office, which she has wanted for some time now, as her family is in Northern California. 

I shall be based in the  "San Francisco " market thereafter, which will give me greater access throughout Nor Calif. I will continue to cover Events related to Art and Fashion for Splash Magazine.  I will also still cover Southern California Events I like and think important.





I enjoy knowing what you think about the articles here in Splash. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for future Articles.  Also, Like, Comments, and Share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.









"Ciao for now, Ya All " 

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