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Up In Arms Comedy cast

The Up In Arms Teen Comedy troupe hosted a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to raise money for the Pediatric Spinal Deformity Endowment.  The endowment serves to raise awareness and research treatment methods for children suffering from spinal deformities such as Scheuermann’s Kyphosis or Scoliosis and is chaired by Dr. David Skaggs, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  The event, hosted by recording artist, Brittany Glodean, was held at on Sunday, December 8, 2013 at Park La Brea Theater and showcased teen comedy and music talent.  The show was streamed live courtesy of Aaron Sanchez, “Live With Aaron and Kelly,” KCAA, NBC News Radio.

Brittany Glodean hosts the Up In Arms Comedy fundraiser for Children's Hospital LA


Alex Dale, teen comedy actor, poses with Aaron Sanchez, KCAA, NBC News Radio "Live with Aaron and Kelly"

Alex Dale, Up In Arms Comedy creator, poses on the red carpet

Up In Arms Comedy was created by teen comedy actor, Alex Dale, after he was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s Kyphosis in 2010.  He wanted to raise awareness about Kyphosis and his own pediatrician missed the signs.  It was not until he was seen by an orthopedic specialist for an unrelated ankle injury that he was tested for Kyphosis.  Dale had a 80 degree curvature in his upper back; almost a right angle and was causing him pain in his lower back.  He wore a back brace for 12-15 hours per day and that lasted for about nine months.  X-rays proved the back brace treatment completely ineffective for Dale.  He and Dr. Skaggs then opted for spinal fusion surgery.  To this day, Dale is pain free and his back “straight as an arrow.”  He describes a meeting with Dr. Skaggs early on during the course of treatment. “Dr. Skaggs communicated frustration in that there isn’t much research on Kyphosis in particular and thus, effective treatment methods are limited in what actually is known.”  He goes on to say, “Kyphosis awareness is essential in that it is better to be diagnosed early in life.  Kyphosis can be debilitating and even reduce an adult to a wheelchair.” 

Alex Dale talks about Scheuermann's Kyphosis and how it affected him at the Up In Arms Comedy fundraiser for Children's Hospital LA.


Brittany Glodean, host and recording artist

On Sunday, Up In Arms Comedy troupe held a red carpet fundraiser to raise funds for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to go toward research for spinal deformity treatment.  The event was hosted by Brittany Glodean and featured comedy from the cast, Emily Jordan, Luke Broyles, Amanda Lungaro, Garrett Palmer, Susan Alami and newly added cast member, Bailey Morgan.  The show opened with a SNL style comedy sketch monologue by Brittany Glodean and incorporated the cast as fanatical Barry White fans (Glodean is the granddaughter of the legendary Barry White) and dancing to White’s song “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything.  Glodean, who is promoting her own music, became “frustrated” when the cast focused on how incredible Barry White is and was visibly “disgusted” when a Barry White impersonator, played by Paul Lane (host of “The Morning Show, “ KCAA, NBC News Radio), indicated his parents became a little too frisky during White’s songs.

Paul Lane, KCAA, impersonates Barry White


Paul Lane and Brittany Glodean rehearse the opening monologue.

Glodean finally succumbed to the flash mob style dance by Lane and the cast.  Glodean explained the opening sketch, “I also was a part of a skit that was a tribute to my family and my grandfather Barry White, which really meant a lot to me especially because this year was so significant for him and our family with his 10 year passing anniversary and his Hollywood Star honoring!...I love performing and giving back but to be able to host and be apart of tributes for my family really made this show unforgettable.” 

Brittany Glodean and her brothers Justin and Jason at the ceremony to dedicate a star to their grandfather, Barry White, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (photo courtesy of Bridgett White Hancock)

Teen comedy actor, Alex Dale poses with Paul Lane from KCAA, NBC News Radio

Paul Lane added, “I had a wonderful time being a part of a great cast for a great cause. It was a privilege working with great young adults who have amazing talents.  They will definitely be around for years.”

Bailey Morgan, teen comedy actor, performs standup comedy at the Up In Arms Comedy fundraiser for Children's Hospital LA

Susan Alami, Up In Arms Comedy cast member

The audience also enjoyed standup comedy of Bailey Morgan and Susan Alami.  After the show, Alami stated, “I feel really proud to be part of a teen show that also does charity work because it’s so important to always help other people out and I think Up In Arms does a great job of sending that message. The show was great! All the performers had so much energy. Also, the crowd was just such an amazing crowd!”

Elijah Tomlinson dances to Jesse Mccartney at the Up In Arms Comedy fundraiser for Children's Hospital LA

Teen music acts were featured as well.  Elijah Tomlinson had the audience swaying and snapping to his version of Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” 

Pink Diamonds performs at the Up In Arms Comedy fundraiser for Children's Hospital LA

Pink Diamonds brought the energy to the theater with their original latin pop beat “Suavamente” and also a cover song “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.” 

Anthuhny, pop singer

Rising pop sensation, Anthuhny, brought the audience to their feet with his original song “Best Times.”  Finally, Glodean exploded with energy in her performance of her two songs “I’m Different” (showcasing her incredible rap prowess) and pop song “Hold On 2Ur Heart.” 

Brittany Glodean performs at the Up In Arms Comedy fundraiser for Children's Hospital LA

Anthuhny and Glodean performed a duet “Smile Like That” with the cast of Up In Arms Comedy swaying behind them to close out the show.  Incredible energy and talent.  The performances were AWESOME and I'm so amazed at how talented these kids are,” said Allie Gilliland (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles) after the show. 

Also in attendance was Nurse Elaine Butterworth who spoke with Alex Dale about spinal deformities and the importance of research being done at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  “As an orthopedic institution, we are # 4th in the nation which is something we are really proud of.”  She continues,” We perform over 300 spinal fusion surgeries on kids per year….We have kids fly in from all over the world to have surgery with our doctors, and particularly Dr. Skaggs.”

When asked how he felt about being part of the show, Anthuhny expressed excitement, “I feel amazing being able to be apart of a show that also is involved with charity work because I get to be doing what I love to do and sharing it with everyone else involved but at the same time get to give back to people in need.” 

Emily Jordan, Up In Arms Comedy cast member

Dale’s Up In Arms Comedy co-host, Emily Jordan explained her excitement at being part of the show, “I think it's really awesome that I have the opportunity to not only work with a cool show, but it also supports good causes!  The show was amazing and so much fun. We were all really committed to the show because we were working for a greater good. It made it that much more memorable!”

Garrett Palmer, Up In Arms Comedy cast member

As for what the future holds for Up In Arms Comedy, Garrett Palmer (who has been with the show as a writer and performer since its inception) said it best, “Up In Arms is just going to get better from here, and I'm always going to love being a part of its family.  Not only is Up In Arms fun, but we're directly helping people because of it and that makes it all the better.” 

Luke Broyles, Up In Arms Comedy cast member and host of Another News Show

Luke Broyles (who hosts Up In Arms’ spinoff show, Another News Show) added, “I love being a part of the show because of the charity work.  Speaking on behalf of the cast- we all care about Alex and are grateful that he is ok. I like that the donations go toward research to help others that are going through what Alex did.”  Earlier this year, Broyles won a Young Artist Award for his performance in Up In Arms for “best performance (male) in a comedy web series.  Up In Arms Comedy received 7 nominations for cast performances at the 2013 Young Artist Awards.

Amanda Lungaro, Up In Arms Comedy cast member

Brittany Glodean poses on the red carpet with her dancers from Lyte Dance Studio

Donations can still be made at Up In Arms Comedy Website.

The producers wish to send special thanks to sponsors:  Wintershaw Enterprises, Coca-Cola, Angel Berry, DMP Printing, Jorge de Santiago Photography, Vons, KCAA/NBC News Radio, and the numerous people who help make this event possible. 

More info on the performers:

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