Travertine Spa Atelier - Grand Opening Venetian Carnival Masquerade Ball

Travertine Spa Atelier Grand Opening Venetian Carnival Masquerade Ball was incredible and wonderful. The host and founder Terry Carter was such a gentleman. Travertine Spa is celebrating their 10th anniversary and grand opening. It was a lavish evening of Renaissance splendor at a Venetian Carnival Masquerade Ball. With real life Masquerade Ball GownsJason's Catered Events INC. gourmet bite-sized delicacies treats, artisanal coffee from Lord Windsor Roasters, and fashion artist to sketch. The grand opening was located in Orange County at a showroom, an ultra modern 3-story beautiful loft.

Founded in 2004 by a former corporate executive (and part-time spa enthusiast) who sought out quality spa treatments as a healthy way to balance the stresses of the boardroom. What better way to de-stress than to treat yourself to products that are well made and feel good. A line of natural botanical body care products formulated for therapeutic results. Their apparel line is made with cotton so soft it will replace your old favorites. Celebrities love them. Spa professionals trust them. They hope to make a fan out of you too!

Travertine is a boutique company. You won't find them everywhere. Their market is select spas, salons and resorts. Their products are produced in small batches to ensure quality. They even hand blend their essential oils. “We encourage our customers to appreciate the present. Burn that candle on your mantle and enjoy it. Heal dry hands with a creamy shea butter hand and nail cream, make the shower an aromatherapeutic experience with a jojoba and botanical body wash, and use natural and clean shampoo and conditioner. Feeling good is worth a few extra dollars – and so are you.”

Their aromatherapy spa products for men and women enhance your well-being. Travertine products for the body and home are made with steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils, botanicals and organic ingredients. Treat your senses to Travertine, and rejuvenate body and spirit. I have and it's relaxing.


Photos by Curtis Joel Ludlow 

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