Trapeze LA - A Midsummer Nights Swing

Photography ©2014 Greg Autry

Trapeze Artwork used with Permission


July 12, Trapeze is coming back to Los Angeles, for a Summer fling. And Oh What A Night it will be as The Syrup Loft, in downtown Los Angeles,  host the infamously wild San Francisco Electro-Swing-Soiree.  Last March I did an article here in Splash about Trapeze and the comments I got were; `why didn't you let us know in advance'.     OK, so I'm letting you know in advance.


Trapeze LA is a Cabaret, a wild and naughty Speakeasy, a Rave, with  lots of jazzy horns, sub-wofers, and pheromones to keep the night  jumpin'.  Oh, and did I mention hot, gorgeous,  beautiful,  women and men playing in uninhibited abandon.  Hey, I'm just warning you.  This is not the place for the timid or inhibited.  Leave your hang-up, and perhaps your clothes, somewhere else.  It's gonna be HAWT !!!


Trapeze has just released their first compilation of musical history, called `Vintage Voltage: Sounds of Trapeze, Vol. 1'. You cantake a gander, right here. CLICK HERE NOW !




As far as Lineup, here is what i know so far;  Aaron Delachaux is leading the night of reckless abandon,  The Bohemian fugitive THE KLOWN will be there, along with Shakti Bliss, and The Gentlemen Callers. Ladies on Stage, who may lose some clothing garments will be: Meka La Creme  and Grace Hall.  Ms Hall is gracing us all the way from Rome, Italy. Stilletta Maraschino and  Mojo Deville will be coming, from San Francisco, along with Tonya Kay.   There's more, I just can't spill all the beans now.  Can You Feel Me Bro ?   



I am also very happy that my articles are being received so well. In fact, I've had people call, email, and come up to me at events to tell me that they attended, or are attending, an event because they read an article of mine.  Specifically Trapeze, as well as Absinthe in Las Vegas,  The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, and art galleries such as Studio C in LA, and the Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas.    Thanks for letting me know how much you like the articles'.  And hey !  Let my Publisher know also ! 

If you're looking for something earlier, on  Friday July 11, I'll be at  Turkish Delight featuring Jennifer Fabos Patton's fabulous Gallery Girls.  I'm also working on upcoming articles about the Artist Julian Ritter, and of course more Fashion Shows and Art Events.

The Syrup Loft is located at 939 Maple Avenue, on the Third Floor, in Downtown Los Angeles, 90015.

Trapeze LA starts at 9:00 PM,  July 12, 2015, and goes till the sun comes up the next day.  Street Parking.




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