The Pre-Sundance Soiree at the Sky Bar Review - The Burgeoning LA Scene

It seems apt in a way to contemplate swapping business cards and company
credentials at a social preamble to this years Sundance film festival,
considering the fact that Sundance has long been considered a launch
pad to preeminence in the entertainment industry. The irony being that
the venue itself, the SkyBar which boasts some of the finest views of                                       LA overlooking the city's famed skyline, evokes at least in this writer's
mind, visions of a showbizz version of Cape Canaveral with careers and 
being propelled to stratospheric heights given the right ingredients of
self-promotional combustion. With the list of the night's sundry hosts and
beneficiaries reading like a 'who's who' of the Los Angeles social scene,
aforementioned luminaries including the likes of Saddle Ranch Pictures,
Pearl Record Group and Film Works Corp, SkyNet Aviation Group, MacAfrica
Productions, Jeff Gund (Infolist), the Tifanie Jodeh Law Firm, La Monde Byrd
(Madmen), BD Freeman (Greatest Show on Earth), 120dBFilms, Queen Nefertari
Productions, Richard Walters (Smash Music and Films), Rainstorm Entertainment,
Steve Kaplan Law Firm, Josh Mitchell (Wickid Pissa Publicity) and Cecy Galvan
(Bleu Entertainment) one would indeed expect that to be the case.

The Sky Bar

Underscored by a eclectic selection of contemporary beats courtesy of resident
DJ Mark Lewis from Mixology, the soiree featured among those in attendance,
the likes of independent producer Peter Myers who could well be one of the
many assembled producers of his ilk to be belatedly cast in the spotlight this year
at Sundance. Although his name may not be a household commodity just yet,
the LA resident has been as busy as ever, recently, producing a $9.2 million
theatrical feature in conjunction with the New York Film Group, eponymously
titled 'Vengeance.' Prior to that, Myer's helmed the Creative Affairs division
at 'BlueSky Pictures, working in tandem with CAA to develop a slate for their
A-list talent roster which included Antonio Banderas. For Myer's, being at
the fore-front of the indie film machine has it's perks with invaluable links
forged with likes of Universal, Miramax, Sony, Fox Searchlight along with a
guest speaker role at 2010's Independent Film finance & Productions Conference
in Santa Monica. While Myer's gets his schmooze on poolside with an assortment
of LA film cogniscenti, Ani Phyo braves the seemingly endless queue at the bar
for a tipple of the night's complimentary aperatif, courtesy of Agave
Premium Tequila.

Producer Peter Myers

For Phyo, a self-professed Eco-Lifestylist specializing in the field
of organic cuisine, the hard work comes with it's own degree of public awareness.
Her new book, "Ani's 15-Day Fat Blast" which hits the stores on May 1st, 2012,
focuses exclusively on weight loss, green living, fitness, well being, and overall
health, and includes menu plans and about 85 recipes to make getting healthy and
detoxing a breeze. Described as the 'Raw Food Goddess' by Andrew Zimmern, Phyo opines
'I am the largest raw food brand in the world, and  I publish most of the available
literature on this highly specialized field.' Along with being featured in magazines
such as Food & Wine, Food Network, BBC, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, Oxygen,
American Fitness, Delicious Living, Vegetarian Times, and VegNews magazines, Phyo
is also the face of the Turbo Blend-VS blender from Vitamix, and a 60-minute DVD
of her is included in all boxes. (
With a Youtube page which boasts a record 1.5 million uploads, enough to turn
the most die-hard social media stalwart green (pardon the pun) with envy,
check out her website at or and her
YouTube page at

Ani Phyo - Author / Eco Lifestylist

One minor gripe which could be levelled against the organisers of the night's
event, would be the decision to encase the entire pool area in a plastic
transparent canopy, the effect of which was to raise temperatures close to
sweltering, and although this in no way obstructed the pristine view
of the cityscape, it did prompt some assembled observers like Vistoria Lynn
Schmidt for example to comment 'Oh the joy of being encased in a plastic
tent with smokers.' Not a quote she'd necessarily want to be associated with,
since being the best-selling author of several life-affirming books with a distinctly
New Age slant, she'd undoubtedly have a wealth of far more noteworthy phrases
and sayings to draw from. Specializing in 'Exciting, Profound Maps for the
Journeys of Life and Art, more of Schmidt's work in self-improvement can be
found at her website. Her past output includes
books like 'Story structure Architect, 45 Master Characters, and Advance Writing
Techniques. Each of these works in turn chart the journey of the Yogi, of Motherhood
and of Character.

It may be a tad perverse to expect such a self-aggrandizing event to lean even
slightly towards altruism, but flashes of this sentiment hovered on the periphery
of the evening's proceedings, with the presence of attendees like Corey and AJ.
Their company Full Circle Entertainment, extends a musical platform to include
socially worthy causes such as youth mentoring and care for the homeless and elderly.
You can learn more at their website

Coco's Cakery

As the night drew to a close and the assembled crowds whittled down to
a few stragglers and hangers-on, one was reminded, in timely fashion, of how every main
course meal must come replete with a healthy dolloping of desert afterwards, and
to this end, the complimentary cupcake whirls served poolside throughout the night
were sure to meet with resounding approval by Coco Cubbage, founder of Coco's Cakery,
an LA county bakery with a remit  supply Angelenos with yummy delicous treats such as
cup cakes and brownies. To contact her directly email her at
[email protected]  or visit her website

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