Robi Reed Foundation Sunshine Beyond Summer Review- The Jewel Wrap Up

 Robi Reed "11th Annual Sunshine Beyond Summer Celebration"


Robi Reed's Sunshine Beyond Summer Celebration

Ok so I want to kick this article off starting out talking my recent charity function I attended at Grammy & Academy Award Winning actor/singer Jamie Foxx
house.Where "Turned Up" wasnt even the word. This Event was a blast! With a Dj like the sensatiinable & beautiful MC Lyte, to lengendary Producers like John Singleton. This event was
truely star studded.& loved by many people in her community.She is responsible for many well known actors careers in Hollywood. She is has created movies that have cause a positive impact on how African Americans are seen in Hollywood. On the 11th Anniversary for "Reed For Hope" "Sunshine Beyond Summer". She raised funds for numerous health issues. Cancer, Sickle Cell, HIV/AIDS and Diabetes just to name a few.

Jamie Foxx lends his home for a good cause


This year she teamed up with sponsors like Red Bull, Nike, Walgreens, Ora-Quick, Bling H20 and The Kess Agengy to create a memorable experience. The event hosted by Wendy Raquel & Eva Marcille was very entertaining.With lots of great food, good music & all yor favorite celebrities in one building
why wouldnt it be a "Goodtime For A Good Cause". This year in the bilding supporting the foundation Tatyana Ali,Vanessa Williams, Shawn Robinson, John Singleton, Rolanda Watts,
Kevin McCall, Glynn Turner, Naturi Naughton and Leslie Burger. Amongst so many others.
When I say "Best Time Ever"! I mean "Best Time Ever". 


Mc Lyte doing what she does turning the party up


Producer John Singleton came out to support Robi Reeds Benefit


Actress Vanessa Williams What a beautiful Soul

Looks like next year Ill be sure to put the date in my calender to attend the next one which im sure will only get better. I must add gift bags to die for. I love free good things.
So Big Huge Jewel Shout Out to Robi Reed for being a positive influence on the African American Community and to fighting for a good cause. Love it! To learn more on the Robi Reed foundation or to learn  more on future events visit the Reed For Hope website.

50 Cent "Dream School"

50 Cent starts a new Dream School and invites all his celebrity friends to be mentors


50 Cent is back in the scene with yet another business venture. Now I dont know if you guys have noticed but lately he has been doing alot of movies not just acting & starring roles. But 50 has been writing & producing his own movies. Quite a few. If I may add. But this time 50 has upgraded to TV. Partnering up with Jamie Oliver as an executive producer for an unscripted tv serious called "Dream School" airing on the Sundance Channel."The series is away for celebs to utilize their celebrity to influence in a positive way." says 50. He says Jamie Olivers people reached out to him.And knowing the show was a previous success. He knew it would be with him too.
Also adding its easier to recieve messages that are not traditional. Expecially for an icon or someone familiar with pop culture.He wants the to give kids the experience to get mentored & inspired by celebrities that are relatable.

"Dream school" is a series about 15 troubled student that have dropped or been expelled from school in the los angeles area."Dream School airs on the Sundance Channel Mondays 10/9c.

Sounds to me like a great show!
Expecially for parents that might have a troubled teen at home going through the same thing or similar situations.Good for 50. Reppin for the
youth. Love it! Gotta love 50 Cent. Always the smart business man.
Cant be mad at that. To learn more on Dream School go to Sundance Channel or 50 Cents website.

Eminem daughter Homecoming Queen

Eminem daughter Hailie gets the crown


On to even better news 50's long time friend Eminem just got some great news or should I say his daughter Hailie Mathers just got some great news the
daddy can be proud of.

So Eminem is probably feeling like a proud dad right now. His daughter Hailie. The one he has dedicated most of his hits too. Was nominated Homecoming Queen at her High School. Yes. This beautiful young queen through im sure whatever stress she night have to go through already having a well know celeb like her father who hasnt been always the media's favorite guy. Even having a recent "Bizaare situation in the ESPN broadcasting booth for the Notre-Dame game against Michigan. Where he was caught on camera with the most puzzled look on his face. For a long period of time. Where Marshall Mathers appeared dazed & out of it. Which he later explained after snapping out of it.That he was thrown of & the camera's make him nervous, also uncomfortable,
Now this might have something to do with his new Single "Berzerk" which wold expalin the a little bit of why he was acting so strange.Beside all that. He has just recieved some good news recently.Eminems very gorgous daughter & popular daughter has surpassed all the drama. And focused on keeping her school obviously pretty impressed.

Hailie Mathers was just crowned at her Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan Homecoming Queen 2013.
Putting her in my infamous "Jewel Spotlight" this week. Get'em Hailie.

Hailie is Homecoming Queen


Cant wait to see what an amazing women.The daughter of such a talented and amazing mind like Eminem will be.So far her future is looking pretty bright.

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