The Ice Cream Cleanse – A Great Way to Detox Your Body

2013 may have been the year of the “selfie”, but cleanses had to have come in at a close second. With celebs like Beyoncé, Olivia Wilde, Sofia Vergara, Kate Hudson and so many more endorsing juice cleanses as a great way to detox (and lose weight fast), they have become as ubiquitous as the “selfie”.

Well it’s 2014 and time for something new. Who wants to drink green juice for days on end when you could be eating delicious, cleansing raw coconut ice cream? That’s right! RA MA Yoga Institute has teamed up with Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop to bring you The Ice Cream Cleanse, which combines the power of Kundalini Yoga with the detoxifying effects of Kippy’s raw organic non-dairy coconut cream ice cream. The combo will leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated, and ready to take on 2014.  

It’s a 4 day program that starts on Thursday February 6th to Sunday February 9th. The program costs $220, covering 4 classes and everything you need to consume for the full 4 days. The food calories per day are around 1100-1500, 5 meal servings a day of Kippy’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream. Each ice cream flavor contains fresh, raw coconut cream, coconut water and raw honey, in addition to fresh fruit and Superfoods. Flavors include the Master Cleanse; Lemon Cayenne Sorbet, Green Superfood & Endocrine Boosting Cacao. You can’t believe how yummy it is until you try it yourself.

More details about the class:

·      Thursday February 6 starts at 7am

·      Friday February 7 starts at 8am

·      Saturday February 8 starts at 9:30am

·      Sunday February 9 starts at 9:30am

Each class will focus on cleansing specific organ systems: the liver, gallbladder, spleen & thyroid. Pick up ice cream after class or pre- and post-pick up is available if needed.

How does eating ice cream for 4 days help cleanse the body?

The combination of fresh pressed coconut cream (saturated raw fats), organic coconut water (electrolyte rich), raw honey (enzyme rich) and super foods like chlorophyll and maca create a thyroid-activating formula that cleanse the cell body and fat tissue while increasing metabolism. The good essential raw saturated fat from the coconut cleanses your blood, tissue and organs. Additionally, coconut oil, which is the source of the saturated fat in the ice cream, is thermogenic, and actually helps burn fat!

Be amazed with the result! Your skin and hair luster’ increase, you lose weight immediately, and it also decreases inflammation and heightens your energy. Last but not least, the feeling of overwhelming joy that you will be eating ice cream for 4 days straight.

Book your class now here

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