The Great American Pitch Fest: Pitch Your Stories Without An Agent

Think you can't make it in Hollywood without an agent or manager? Think again.  For the ninth year in a row, The Great American Pitch Fest gives writers from around the world the opportunity to meet with development executives and industry insiders for two days - June 2 and 3, 20012.   Taking place at the Marriott Burbank Hotel (2550 Hollywood Way), the Great American Pitch Fest opens it's doors for registration and schmoozing on Friday afternoon June 1st. 


The Great American Pitch Fest

"It's like speed dating for screenwriters, " says Bob Schultz,the originator.   Both movie and TV pitches are allowed and there are execs from nearly 300 various production companies.   Each writer will have five minutes to sell themselves.    "Many writers never get a chance like this and many travel from all over the world to come here.  We are screenwriters, ourselves, so we put on events that we would like to see." 


Producer Mark Castaldo suggested that participants come prepared.  "Take your time laying out a cohesitve pitch that I can visually see the film in my mind.  Touch upon the promise, characters, set pieces and themes. Don't get caught up in ALL the details.  Be excited, so I can get excited to want to read your scripts."  He says what is selling now are high concept thrillers and comedies with a good hook or premise.


In addition to production companies, there will be managers and agents from companies as ICM, CAA,  and William Morris/ Endeavor.


Past PitchFest attendeees have had scripts optioned and signed with managers and agents, or been hired as writers, says Signe Olynyk, one of the founders. 


The Great American Pitch Fest: Bob Schultz and Signe Olynyk

Panel discussions on Saturday, June 2 are, for the most part, free.  It's the pitching on June 3rd and the private consultations and specialty classes that you have to pay for.    Some of these great classes are from well known consultants as Pilar Alessandra, Sheree Guitar, Ruth Atkinson, Paul Bennet, and Pen Densham.  Classes include on "Writing the Killer Procedural", "Theme: Using the Protagonist's Arch to Clarifiy What Your Story Is About," , "How to Get And Keep Your Manager or Agent", "Thrills , Chills and Bumps in the Night writing Thriller/Horror", and "Five Secrets Of a Killer Pitch" with Carole Kirschner.


The cost for the weekend goes from $250 for the Bronze Package to $750 for the Gold Package.  The later includes not only pitch meetings, but master classes taught by Pilar , Marilyn Horowitz, and Richard Walter, as well as a private consultation with an industry expert, cocktail party, and a hard copy of the contact book with detailed data for the participating executives. 


For more information go to or call 877 255 2528

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