The Feel Good Film Festival 2012 Review


The positive theme and energy of The Feel Good Film Festival and its many high-quality films stands out amongst the sea of the 210 film festivals in Los Angeles. Its a rarity to see a festival completely focused in on just positive message with a happy ending leaving the audience “feeling good”...that warm fuzzy feeling that is absent many features today strictly filled with sex, drugs, and violent...the a typical controversy of negative energy in order to sell a film. Successful directors as Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard prove that controversial aspect of filmmaking wrong.

This incredibly inspirational film festival took place at the Laemmle’s NoHo 7 Theatre August 3-5, 2012 Brilliantly collaborated by festival owner, Kristen Flores in intention for film screening only leaving the audience feeling good. This non-profit organization solely dedicated its purpose to the development of feature films whether short films or full-length features that center around the realm of happy inspirational endings that leave the audience with a warm fuzzy feeling of something fully experience in a profound way in the light of beauty. The themes can encompass real life situations as the film “Death” by Martin Gooch or be about something that everyone at some point in life experiences, Love like in the film “Awake” by Daric Loo . Whether humorous, quirky, entertaining, optimistic, or a controversial topic like death every film comes to a close with something profoundly real and positive that the audience feels with great warmth and pleasure.


Rushing to get that yellow carpet just perfect for the opening night gala

The opening night Gala on August 3rd was meticulously organized by Chandler Poling of White Bear PR with many paparazzi photographers snapping photos of the stars and filmmakers in the yellow carpet as WilkiImage, etc. As the traditional red carpet with A-Listers that light up the paparazzi cameras, this time The Feel Good Film Festival brilliantly stepped outside the box with a yellow carpet to symbolize the happy theme of the festival. Celebrities as Valente Rodriguez, Parvesh Cheena, Karen David, Krisily Kennedy, Erica Rose, Kalon McMahon, Rizwan Manji represented as actors in the features being screened at the festival attend the yellow carpet gala with poise, confidence, and a positive attitude.


A little modern edge style for that press walk


Actress Elizabeth Regal smiles big on the yellow carpet showing her feeling good moment


That gorgeous red dress that every Hollywood event needs

As many hopeful filmmakers every year goal to have their dream come true by winning film awards and have their feature film masterpiece released onto the market, the perplexities of filmmaking seem at the heart of the obstacle of film distribution in the eyes of narrow Hollywood Standards. With a statistical fact of over 50,000 independent films made every year, less than 200 get distributed in Hollywood, and over 210 film festivals in Los Angeles alone, how does an aspiring filmmaker grab the attention of a reputable distributor to make their dream come true. I personally interviewed a brilliant distributor, producer, and actor friend of mine Ron Gilbert in person at The Feel Good Film Festival as attending the festival in light of hopes of finding a that special feature film that catches his eye with all the right ingredients for success...

Ron Gilbert, a partner in Roguearts LLC a production company and also the owner of American Marketing and Survey Corporation...

1. As a successful film distributor in today's market, what can say are the traits for a successful film on the market and what aspects do you look for?

On a personal note I really have be touched by the film. In today's market there is a risk. Just having names in a film can help but also hinder. Winning awards at Cannes and Sundance and other major festivals is important. Since I also distribute internationally, some names are strong in that market and sell very well.

2. In your experience what is the most common mistake filmmaker’s make in filmmaking that decrease their chances for film distribution?

Thee answer to that touches on many points. They need to know who their target audience is and start their marketing efforts before they start filming. Word-of-mouth and; of course, social networking. Well they really need to make sure that the contract they sign with a distributor is very specific and the details need to be made clear. A filmmaker can sign with a well-known company and their film may not make the money they expected because they just signed over all the rights without making sure that certain details were not made clear. I have so many instances of this happening.

3. What film in this year's Feel Good Film festival stood out to you?

The opening night film Red Dog was my favorite because it set the mood for the theme of the festival and was a true story, which touched your heart and also made you laugh.


Amber Rose Plaster and Karah Britton as those beautiful fiery redheards that starred in the festival's The Little Voice in Her Head-Screens with Der Sandmann

Two particular features that were truly inspiring and stood out amongst some of the other were Death by Martin Gooch, and Awaken by Daric Loo, ironically in complete opposition of each other in theme, as one centers around death, and the other around love, but both come together in light of a common ground of that positive ending...


A huge shout out to all of the sponsors involved to make this wonderful event come together

This year's, 2012 Feel Good Film Festival's top winners of this year's nominations were:

Best Feel Good Feature: RED DOG

Best Feel Good Short: THE FIRST 70

Best Director: Kriv Stenders RED DOG

Best Actor: Fabian Kruger DER SANDMANN

Best Actress: Carmen Sanchez LA ULTIMA ISLA

Audience Award Feel Good Feature: PAD YATRA: A GREEN ODYSSEY

Audience Award Feel Good Short: C’EST MAGIQUE

Best Screenplay: GETTING THE BUSINESS by Haik Hakobian

Best Student Film: CHALK TALK

As we wrap up this wonderful event in Hollywood, we all look forward to another year ahead of films that make us all “feel good”...


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