The Echelon Club – Celebrating 6 Years of Incredible Generosity and Impacts

It was the year 2005 when Baroness Kimberly Moore had a near fatal car accident. They say everything happens for a reason; perhaps this theory holds well since Moore had the opportunity to experience some quality thinking time. As she pondered about the world and how everything was going, she began to develop a burning desire to do something; to make a difference. Echelon was born shortly after that in 2005 itself, with the aim of bringing together highly influential people from around the world and empowering them to work together in making a sustainable difference.

6 years hence, the Echelon Club has done wonders; this year they celebrated the fact that they have had a positive impact by generously giving back to over 25,000 children in need living in the community through the Kimberly Moore Foundation's – Adopt A Letter program. This event was particularly empowering not only monetarily, but also in terms of the impact it has made on people’s thought processes. Moore has some sort of magical personality that draws and attracts people from different backgrounds towards her; people don’t “feel the need” to do something, rather, begin to have a genuine desire to do something. This is particularly important since it is this desire that arguably ignites the passion in these people.

Astronaut Buz Aldrin & Baroness Kimberly Moore

The anniversary celebration was hosted by Baroness Kimberly Moore and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who has co-hosted along her side for the last 5 years. The guests were spoiled with the culinary creations prepared by celebrity Chef Jack Lee along with a magnificent scotch tasting provided by Belvenie held at the luxurious DeVorzon Gallery - Cento Angeli residence in Beverly Hills..

Dr. Adam Scheiner and Dr. Raymund King

Lee England Jr.

Mario Max Granville

Rick Vanderkleijn and Michael Levine

A grand welcome was organized for Dr. Adam Scheiner who spoke about his new book “The True Definition of Beauty” followed by an extraordinary musical concert by prodigy pianist Mario Max Granville, virtuoso violinist Lee England Jr. (recently featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live) and Dutch recording artist Rick Vanderkleijn. Moore also took this opportunity to present the “Echelon Humanitarian Award” to deserving individuals for their tireless efforts and outstanding commitment to the children in the community; this year's humanitarian award was given to: Isaac Mathew White and Raul Pena.

Suzan and Willie Gault

Edgar Mosqueda, Former Ms. Universe Joyce Giraud, 2013 Queen of the Universe Ivette Saucido and Baroness Kimberly Moore

Alexis Hyuna, Jim Kwik and Baroness Kimberly Moore

Marilinda Rivera, Dr. Raymund King, Baroness Kimberly Moore, Lawrence Davis

Celebrated figures in attendance include: Singer/Philanthropist Liel Kholet, Former NFL player Willie Gault, Dr. Raymund C. King, International Speaker Jim Kwik, Oscar Nominated Producer Michael Ohoven, Former Ms. Universe Joyce Giraud, Winner of 2013 Queen of the Universe Ivette Saucido, Actress Marilinda Rivera, Actor David Joyner, and more.

Liel Kholet and Michael Muna

Liel Kholet, Eden Alpert, Estella Sneider, and Baroness Kimberly Moore

Moore’s approach of getting everyone involved in her initiatives, particularly by making it fun for everyone, is gaining much popularity. Some however see that as a potential future limitation on the basis that ‘there aren’t many Kimberly Moore's out there!’ Moore’s passion and intellect has driven her to train, develop, and build Ambassadors in various programs that she is running. Their passion, similar to that of Moore’s, will allow Echelon and the various programs created, to continue to run, make sustainable positive impacts on children in need.

Thierry Ete, Sonia Ete, Buzz Aldrin, Baroness Kimberly Moore

James Conaway and Lorraine Conaway

David Joyner, Alexis Hyuna and Jim Kwik

It is genuinely inspiring to see Miss Anita Roddick’s (veteran entrepreneur, founder: Body Shop) statement being proved right:

If you think something small can’t make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”.

To learn more about what Moore has done / is doing / will do in future, visit:

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