The Broad Humor Film Festival Shorts Program - Love & Marriage

The Love and Marriage Program at Broad Humor Film Festival examines what it’s like for men and women to be in relationships. Both fragile and complicated, this collection of shorts illustrates that relationships are not for the feint at heart.



"Buon Giorno Sayonara"

Buon Giorno/Sayonara - Karen Hope writer/director

It’s pretty hard to have a meaningful argument with someone who speaks a different language. Such is the case in this sweet film about two sets of daytrippers that splinter over disagreements, only to form a new international couple. Their common language -  good nature, body language and a cheerful spirit. 


"Breath of Fresh Air"


Breath of Fresh Air - Olesia Shewchuk writer/director

The turning point of any relationship – to fart or not to fart? Olesia Shewchuk humorous short explore that moment in one young couples relationship. Apparently, double standards don’t only exist in the workplace.


"" - Teresa Widdowson director

Love this little ditty about the joke of subjectivity tends to play on us all. We can read whatever we want into text messages or emails. One young couple’s brief encounter illuminated just how less interesting they each are in person, and to each other. Perception is a curious thing. 



Ficus - Elena Cid Sebastián writer/director

Very European and leaning a bit o the dramatic, Ficus is the tale of Susana (Mayte Navales) who is sick of feeling invisible in a humdrum relationship with her living in boyfriend (played by Raúl Sanz). So she decides to make a changes; several in fact. However, it may turn out that the change she initials will grow beyond her comtrol.


"Men: An Owner's Manual"

Men: An Owner's Manual - Victoria Zika writer/director

People love to give advice. Your friends, your neighbors… and in the case of Men: An Owner’s Manual, it is a quartet of well-meaning, overbearing, not to familiar co-workers. Not all advice is created equal.


Morning Movement - Katrina Lencek-Inagaki writer/Lilly Spottiswoode director

It’s a whodunit, inside of a spring fling, wrapped around a very clever first date comedy. A touch long but featuring some strong performances.


"Moving In... Together"

Moving in ... Together - Cara Friez writer/director

Co-habitation. It is the logical progression in most relationships. Cara Friez comic short explores the first few days of one couple’s leap into the unknown of living together. For Julian and Emma (Christopher Kloko & Heather Cavalet), it’s an exercise in learning to share all over again.


"OK Cupid"


OK Cupid - Ellen Houlihan writer/director

Again with the internet hook-ups. One guy thinks he has hit pay dirt from the photo of this hot chick that has agreed to meet he. She arrives and is, of course, less than perfect. But then again, so is he in his own big way. Fortunately, this is a story about looking beyond imperfection.


"Two Scoops of Love"

Two Scoops of Love - Rebecca Berrih co-writer/director/Fulvio Sestito co-writer

Shot in one continuous take, Two Scoops of Love is a simple but sweet short about longing, love lost and found, and the frozen confections that bring us all together.


"The Wedding Gift"

The Wedding Gift - Naomi Ward writer/director

So what do you do when your love is not enough for the one you love? This is the dilemma on e man is faced with as the day of his wedding, to his high maintenance bride draws loser. Randall does his best to demonstrate his love for Sadie, but with ill-fated consequences. Moral of the story: be careful what you “settle” for.


The 6th Annual Broad Humor Film Festival happens every year at the Electric Lodge in Venice, California.

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