Tag The World Charities Partners with the American Humane Film & Television Unit to Raise Money With Style

Amber Valletta arrives on the red carpet

At this time of the year, Hollywood is brightly and gallantly lit up. The stage is awaiting and the paparazzi anxious for the stars come out to shine. And shine they did. For this is Academy Awards season which can only mean parties galore. One such event was held the night before.  As part of the pre-Oscar celebrations, ‘ My House’, Hollywood’s latest hip and trendy nightclub, opened its doors to charity. This was where ‘ Tag the World’ partnered with the ‘ American Human Film & Television Unit’, allowing stars to mingle with the pets that they so often work with.

Madeline Zima of 'Californication'

The red carpet was flooded with celebrities and VIP guests – some of them famous and instantly recognizable. The first and most spirited VIP to appear was Jonah, who was one of the 17 Marleys in the movie ‘ Marley and Me’. He showed tremendous excitement at being surrounded by so many loving fans and basked in the adoration. Guests stepping in and immediately showed their desire at a photo op with this amazing personality.

Bai Ling from 'Crank 2'

Madeline Zima walked down the red carpet, all grown up now as she stars in ‘ Californication’. She was pleasantly surprised as I recalled her role in ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ from many years ago. She expressed relief in being able to shy away from kiddie and teenager roles and being accepted as an adult in the hit TV series, which stars David Duchovny and Natasha McElhone.

Karina & Max from 'Dancing With The Stars'

Chinese native Bai Ling whimsically and intimately communicated her origins when asked where she was coming from. “I’m from the moon, can’t you tell?” as she swished her ornately detailed canary dress around. True, she was a sight, but unfortunately, the overall effect looked a bit washed out and her jovial nature forced, leaving me to wonder if she was 100% real, or just another one of Hollywood’s accidental by-product.

Tila Tequila with one of the many Marleys from 'Marley & Me'.

Karina and Max from ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ were next and they reveled in the spotlight as they fielded questions about their recent engagement. Still on cloud nine, they reflected gleefully about their excitement at the prospect of spending a lifetime together. With a wedding upcoming, plan they will as they take one step at a time towards building a family ahead.

Amber Valletta who hosted the evening, was last to arrive on the red carpet. She was there to show support for her kid brother, Robert Parks-Valletta’s charity.  Posing for cameras, we managed to speak briefly about the charity and all the hard work her brother had put in. She expressed pride in him and they looked beautiful on camera together, with him shying away childishly and grimacing as she playfully planted a wet kiss on his cheek.

Amber Valletta displaying the Tag

The evening was to raise money for ‘Tag the World’, a different kind of charity. For each tag that is purchased, the individual will get to choose the charity that they would like their proceeds to benefit. This makes the cause so much more personal and less of a forced decision. To find out more about them, click here.

American Humane is best known for their famous line: No animals were harmed in the making of the movie. If that doesn’t ring a bell, then be sure to stay through the end of a movie’s credits. To find out more about them, click here.

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