Sylvia Sylver throws BD bash for Alessandra Alores at Mark B Barron Estate

Antonio Montani, Alessandra Alores & Matthias Ophoff Mo - photo Wayne Wright

Sylvia Sylver publicist in Beverly Hills for many years throws a birthday bash with many of her clients and sponsors like Boudoir Vodka for Alessandra Alores former Ms. Germany 09 and Top Model of the World at  Mark B Barron's home.  Barron lives among the highest profile people in Bel Air such as Beny Alagem (Beverly Hilton owner) and Brad Grey (CEO) of Paramount Pictures" who are his next door neighbors.

Mark B. Barron & Alessadra Alores - photo Sandy Schwartz

Sylver’s client, Mark B Barron, is an American entrepreneur, futurist inventor and real estate investor.  Barron is currently shaping the future by developing new technology and bringing to life with his vision of a 21st century by using Consumeron This system is an internet-connected device for delivery-on-demand service designed for those whose time is too valuable.  Consumeron could prove to be the next paradigm shift in e-commerce that will overshadow the likes of  


Sylvia Sylver, Mel Gibson & Samira Kazemeni - photo Nouri Adrian

Sylver also had many other A list directors, producers, designers, models & starlets including Mel Gibson, Rob Weiss, Rick Yune, Oscar Generale, Gary Safadi, Gianni Nunnari, William Monahan, Anastasia Mokarenko, Brad Gray, David Maisel, Massi Furlan, James Ortega, Franceso Santoro and Samira Kazemeni, Jenae Alt.

Sweet Privileges & Elegant Eats cater the party & also sponsored by Dream Water, Boudoir, Tatratea, Karma Tequila, O.M. Cocktails and Allore Wines

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