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Supermodel Coco Rocha for MOD - Banana Republic Presents the Mad Man Collection

By Marilinda Rivera

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When: February   , 2013

Where: The Grove 

Who: Coco Rocha the New Face for MOD Collection 

Model Coco Rocha helped launch the new line, created by Mad Men's costume designer Janie BryantBanana Republic and AMC are proud to announce the debut of a third Banana Republic Mad Men®Collection inspired by the costumes featured in the show MAD MEN, reflecting the mod style of the late ‘60s in collaboration with Emmy® Award-winning Mad Men® Costume Designer Janie Bryant, are available at select Banana Republic retail locations worldwide and online. This spring collection brings bold prints, bright colors and sexy/classy silhouettes for all body types.

First of all, do you know Coco Rocha? 

Rocha was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in Richmond, British Columbia. `Her knowledge of fashion was limited in the beginning of her modeling career. Rocha has been on the covers of many top fashion magazines including American, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish Vogue, Flare, Fashion, Numero, French, W, Harpers Bazaar, dazed & Confused, i-D, Time & Style Design, and many others. She has spoken out against the eating disorders in the modeling industry. She quotes: "How can any person justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton? Is it art? Surely fashion's aesthetic should enhance and beautify the human form, not destroy it.” She has been a devout Jehovahs Witness since childhood, and in a 2013 interview stated that she still follows the Jehovah's Witnesses tradition of preaching door-to-door. She says: "a Christian first and a model second". Her looks makes her one of the most chameleon-like of all the girls in the modeling industry.

When Splash contacted me for this great opportunity to interview supermodel Coco Rocha, I was quickly excited to know more about her at a personal level. When I arrived at The Grove and spotted the MOD trailer in the gorgeous open patio, I felt like I was in a Mad Men scene shot. The sun was shining bright with a 60’s vibe. It was the right way to start my fun afternoon. I’m also a huge fan of the tv show, and I consider the 60’s to be one of the most fun generations in fashion. There was racks full of fabulous patterns and colors waiting to be worn by him or her.

When I interview Coco, my time was very limited, so I asked quick questions about the collection.

MR: Do you think this collection it’s inspiring other TV shows to step it up when it comes to wardrobe?

Coco: I think there’s a lot of TV shows out there that the fashion style is too overwhelming or not powerful enough for normal people to wear. So this collection brought pieces that could easily fits everyone’s style.


MR: How did Coco got involved?

Coco: Besides modeling, I go to different agencies to help young girls in the modeling industry; like how to pose, how to feel confident and many more aspects of being a fashion model. I’m all about helping the new generation.


MR: How do you think this great collection could give back?

Coco: Great question! Wow! Well, being the face of this great campaign allows me to promote the Banana Republic standards for fashion models, it’s one of the healthy model brands out there. It’s an honor to be the face of the Mad Man Collection!

Coco had an easy going energy. She surely knows what she’s doing with this collection. My only issue was when I asked her about how this great collection could give back to communities, her response was not spoken. But I still find her very sweet and beautiful. To my understanding, any fashion related subjects or collections should create a way to give back through it’s success. For example: MOD collection gives back to fashion related programs, giving access to fashion students to the same fabrics and patterns from the collection to create their own. Then compete to be one of the future selected designs for upcoming collections... Just a thought.

From my fashionista understanding, this collection it’s expected to create a fun twist to future collections at the most claimed fashion labels, especially Banana Republic. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of Banana Republic. When I need something blend and just a simple outfit, I go to Banana. I’m Latina, so when it comes to fashion I feel like a chameleon, just like Coco. Fashion is a very powerful muted language that’s speaks it’s truth about your personality. It’s right on! You can actually tell how a stranger thinks when you see what they’re wearing. Fashion never lies!

When I chose my fun pieces from this fun collection, I got a sexy/classy dress with a fabulous bold orange pattern that screamed my name out loud. Special guests and fashion experts were there also to take the first look to this special collection before launching. The pop up shop had a fitting room, make-up & hair stationary to give us the complete MOD look. And yes, I couldn’t say no to this fabulous treatment. I did it all! One of my photographer friends was there taking pictures, so it was the fastest shoot I’ve ever done in my life. Thank you Winston! I felt like I was shooting a campaign for Banana, so it really was fun & amazing. Make-up artist gave me the cat eye and the hair was teased up on a pony tail to show the best look for the dress I picked. I couldn't resist to take pictures with my MOD looks!

This piece could be worn at any time of the day or night. Is one of those special dresses you keep handy when running from work to play.

Just by meeting the experts and fashion bloggers, I got to see in person what really attracts buyers to find their favorite pieces. I exchanged information with guests inviting them to visit my online consignment shop for more 60’s vibe at www.MeMarketLA.com.

I sold couple of pieces right after this MOD day.


Looking forward to see more fantastic pieces from this sexy collection.

For more of Coco visit: http://www.cocorocha.com/


Ps; get the fresh 60’s look today and have fun live should be full of colors!


Photos courtesy of Winston Burris


Published on Mar 14, 2013

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