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San Dimas California Beer Festival 2014

By Terry Akins

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California Beer Festival in San Dimas on September 6, was held at the Frank G. Bonelli Park this year. The festival featured 60 independent craft beer vendors from small breweries. According to the Brewers Association, the definition of a craft beer is one that has an annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less.   A craft brewer will interpret historic beer styles and develop a unique twist which makes their particular beer innovative.




 The festival attracted hundreds of mostly 20-somethings who braved the heat and the long lines in order to explore the flavorful liquid libations. Upon entry, guests were greeted by the fest mascot bear who posed to take pictures with many of the guests. Everyone picked up the 4 oz. beer tasting cup from the Airstream sponsors as they passed through the gate. Other festival freebies included Swisher cigars, XIOS energy drinks, sunglasses, bags, vape and stickers.



 The Rey Fresco band was the musical highlight of the California Beer Festival. Originating from Ventura, the four piece ensemble created their musical style from the surfs of California to the shores of Fiji.  The eclectic musical sound can be found on YouTube/Rey Fresco.


Dale Bros. Brewery from Upland, California was the festival favorite winning the best craft award. Some of their award winning beers include the Pomona Queen, California Amber Lager, medium-bodied beer with notes of nuts and toffee. The California Black Beer, American Dark Larger, with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee. The microbrewery has a tasting room with beer selections that range from seasonal to year round. Visit them at DaleBrosBrewery.com. 


Frozen Beer is the brainchild of Eugene Song. The company started in 1981 as ICETRO which is a frozen treat company. He expanded into the beer market and his success is now history. The frozen treats were a welcome site in the 108 degree heat. You can find them at FrozenBeer.com. 


Karl Strauss is a family brewery that started with his father’s brewery in Minden, Germany. Karl moved to America and went to work for the Pabst brewing company. Upon his retirement, Karl’s cousin suggested that they start a brewery in the San Diego area. Their fine traditions are evident in their tasty selections. The signature beer, the Karl Kraus Amber is a crisp Vienna style larger with imported Munich malts. Another favorite is Blackball, a dry, crisp Belgian-India Pale Ale that is fruity yet crisp. Find all their selections at KarlStrauss.com. 

Look for other California beers and beer festivals at CaliforniaBeerFestival.com.




Published on Sep 08, 2014

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