Rihanna Loud Tour Review - Nivea's Sponsorship With Rihanna

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Nivea celebrates 100 years with sponsoring mega pop star Rihanna “Loud” Tour. Hitting Los Angeles, Ca, Rihanna had an amazing concert at the Staples Center. Luckily for me I was able to enjoy the entire concert in the Nivea Suite inside the Staples Center. Nivea providing an open bar and delicious catered sandwiches and snacks made the concert extremely enjoyable.

Opening the concert, Roc Nation artist J. Cole showcased his gift of music. Now J. Cole still may be unheard of to a few people but he sure did make a great introduction for those who were hearing him for the first time. His set consisted of some of my favorite songs of his, “Blow Up,” “In The Morning,” and newest single “Work Out.”

J. Cole made sure the audience took time to appreciate his DJ Dummy’s impressive DJ skills. DJ Dummy did some behind the back, hand twists, teeth grabbing DJ tricks I have never seen before. I give him kudos for showing off great talent on the turntable deck.

To be able to see a different style of music before Rihanna’s set showcased a great range of pure good music. By the time J. Cole’s set was over I was exhausted. I danced and sang to his performance as if it was the main show. Rihanna fans who have never heard J. Cole’s music before instantly took a liking to him from what I overheard around me. Expressing his gratitude for being on stage, It was refreshing to see a new humbling artist, especially when J. Cole is signed to the notorious label owned by Jay-Z.

When it was time for the main event the fans were not disappointed. Rihanna came out looking sexier than I’ve ever seen her. Switching up outfits from sexy neon two- pieces, to black dominatrix one pieces, to army capes, to beautiful ball gowns Rihanna had her diverse looks well on point.

I was extremely amazed with how great her voice sounded live. Her notes hit the roof! Whether she was singing sitting down, standing up, or on the floor Rihanna made every note her own. Belting out anthems from every album such as “Umbrella,” ”Shut Up and Drive,” Rude Boy,” “Unfaithful,” “Disturbia,” “Only Girl,” “What’s My Name,” and “S&M” she had the entire Staples Center up on their feet dancing.

A lucky fan was brought on stage to be dominated by Rihanna and her sexiness. Rihanna danced, grinded, and teased the lucky fan. It was obvious he had no clue what to do with him self. I’m sure many men would have felt the same!

During the end, Rihanna left the stage and took over a drum set in the middle of audience seating’s. I couldn’t believe how talented this woman was on the drums. Who knew “Riri” could bang out like a rock star? Kudos to her!

Overall, Rihanna’s Loud Tour Concert at the Los Angeles Staples Center was a major hit. Being able to see the red locked Barbadian singer live in action was a dream for all the fans. For me being able to watch the entire concert from the Nivea suite was definitely a dream come true. I couldn’t have a better Loud Tour experience. Thank you Nivea!


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