Richard Grieco - Showcases 'Sanctum of a Dreamer' at Gallerie Sparta


Richard Grieco invite to Gallerie Sparta! Courtesy Photo

Many may know him as either Detective Dennis Booker on the show 21 Jump Street or as a model for Armani, Calvin Klein, and Chanel. Whatever the case may be, the multi-talented Richard Grieco can now add another trait to the roster. Showcasing his artwork at the well – known Gallerie Sparta, Grieco’s pieces were anything but ordinary.

Gallerie Sparta was decked out with originals made by yours truly – Grieco himself. “I’ve been painting for 20 years,’ Greico shared. “I just finally decided to share them." The venue was full of celebrities such as: Actor David Fralick, Bruno Amato, Walter Jones, Ben Woolf, Nic Huffman, Kevyn Major Howard, Actresses Kim Poirier, Deanna Lee Douglas, Tamara Duarte, Mishael Morgan, 92-year-old acting legend Mickey Rooney, Singer Johnny Mathis, VH1 Hit The Floor's Valery Ortiz and Katrina Norman, International singing sensation Mika Newton, NBC The Voice's MacKenzie Bourg, World famous artist Ed Ruscha, and many more.

“I wanted to give back to this country by having a percentage of the proceeds go to the Wolf Connection Foundation'’ shared Grieco. “People forget that freedom is not free. We often take the price of freedom for granted and without freedom – everything is obsolete.”

Johnny Mathis came out to support Richard Grieco and his charity of choice, The Wolf Connection Foundation. Courtesy Photo

Those who came out were not only able to view Grieco’s artwork but also support the ‘Wolf Connection Foundation. A portion of proceeds from sales throughout the exhibit were donated to the Wolf Connection Foundation, a rescue sanctuary seeking to strengthen the instinctual bond between youths and wolves/animals

“I wanted to come out and support the charity and see Richard’s work. It is pretty interesting and pretty new to me” said Walter Jones. “I enjoy all forms of the arts and it’s interesting to see his perspective.”

The personal touch which is clearly displayed in each and every crevice of his creations is truly inspiring and sends a powerful message to those viewing his work. “It’s more showing people a new kind of art form that is based on pure emotion and subconscious, it’s a point of view” explained Grieco. “I don’t think people understand the magnitude of this today. The art of conversation displayed in artwork is revolutionary.”

Richard Grieco with his furry friends in honor of 'The Wold Connection Foundation'. Courtesy Photo

Whether it is on canvas or real life, any one that views artwork created by this pure genius himself – Richard Grieco, will grasp the personal touch he has mastered in his artwork and pick up the genuine message and power of personification.

Grieco’s latest creations ‘Sanctum of a Dreamer’ are currently on display at Gallerie Sparta till September 1st

Blue Jean Red: An original by Richard Grieco. Courtesy Photo

Gallerie Sparta is named after French born and renowned international architect, interior designer, co-founder, and co-owner Stephan Sparta, who has designed commercial and residential projects all over the world.


For more information on Gallerie Sparta, please visit:,


Gallerie Sparta:

8641 Sunset Blvd,

West Hollywood, CA. 90069



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