Rebecca Molayem Gallery Review – The Los Angeles Artist is Exploring all Mediums in a Creative Tour-de-Force

Photography by Greg Autry*



The Rebecca Molayem Gallery at 481 South Fairfax, in the Mid Wilshire district of Los Angeles, is the third incarnation of its namesake artist, with each venue growing to meet growing demand of clients and artists. Opened in May of 2016, the Molayem Gallery features the artist’s characters and figurative works in multiple mediums.



I met Rebecca Molayem at her Gallery and was immediately impressed with her natural at-ease personality, and all of the wonderful paintings on the walls and sculpture on stands. Rebecca graduated from Northridge State University in 1984, where she studied Graphic Art and Illustration. Right out of school she got jobs as an illustrator and graphic designer. Rebecca told me that she found inspiration in the shape and movement of figures. She sculpted figures and characters she envisioned and told stories through her characters. She began painting the characters she sculpted as an additional creative outlet to tell the character’s stories.



She entered open shows and competitions, at first without much success. Around 2000, she says, she developed a style and the confidence in her work to present it publicly.  She knew from a young age that she wanted her own gallery and Rebecca wants also to create a real honest-to-goodness Atelier. The Gallery on Fairfax now offers additional space she needs for classes and workshops, along with administrative space needed to run the burgeoning business.



She credits her education in the fundamentals of design and composition, in allowing her the freedom to explore creatively. Rebecca continues to Sculpt, most often paints in Acrylics, and “plays” with encaustic, as well as oils. I was blown away with the encaustic head paintings hanging in the gallery. Rebecca told me, she just purchased the materials and started "playing." When she made a mistake, or did something she didn’t like, she figured out how to fix it.



I found Rebecca Molayem’s work expressive, free, and loose. The application of paint and wax has a richness and layering of color that provides depth and energy often missing in contemporary work. The exaggerated figures serve to tell her story well, and I’m excited to follow her work and to see where her stories and characters take us.


True to her dream of creating an Atelier, Rebecca teaches an ongoing sculpting class on Wednesdays, which is open to beginning and intermediate students. In September Rebecca will offer a four week painting class, and the Gallery offers uninstructed life drawing workshops every second Thursday of each month. Rebecca assures me there are more workshops, and classes, in the works, with more instructors. As a “Happening” Gallery, there are varied events including Exhibitions of other Artists, Comedy Nights, and Music Events from time to time.



On the day I visited the gallery, Rebecca was hosting an open drawing/painting workshop, with the ever gorgeous Geogina Leahy as the model, dressed in tutu and ballet slippers.


Georgina Leahy



Rebecca is working to bring other instructors to teach a multitude of classes in varying mediums and styles. There are many workshops, many art schools, but this is the first that I know of, true Art Atelier combining a Gallery, and working studio for artist to learn from other working artist. I was also privileged to explore about Rebecca’s Studio and watch her while she put the finishing touches on her newest painting as we talked. Like all artists, I found Rebecca most relaxed and at peace, when in her true element, making art. 




For information about  Classes and Workshops, Events, and to find out about Shows and Openings be sure to click on the link here,  Rebecca Molayem Gallery.  Tell Rebecca you saw my Article and feel free to send me your questions and comments.  

My next Article will cover the Auto Week 2017 at Pebble Beach, featuring coverage of the vaunted Concours d’Elegance.  Watch for it !  You can also check out my new Facebook Page, Greg Autry – Photographer, and leave a comment or send a message.

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*Photos of art work used with permission. The Artists retain all Copyrights of original artwork.



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