Queen of the Universe Pageant 2014 - March 16, 2014 Gala at the Saban Theater

“The Queen of the Universe” is very happy to announce that our gala event will take place in one of the most beautiful and historic venues, the Saban Theater.  Queen of the Universe is an international charity-based pageant created by actress Joyce Giraud (“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”) to benefit the UNESCO Foundation for Children in Need.  The event will be produced by Academy Award nominee Michael Ohoven.

Ivette Saucedo – “Miss Spain” – Crowned as the Very First Queen of the Universe, January 2013


“We are excited to have beautiful delegates from around the world coming together for one simple purpose: Create awareness and join forces to promote not only beauty and talent, but the interest in being advocates that truly promote education throughout the world because we believe it’s the only way to a better future,” said Joyce Giraud, president of Queen of the Universe.  “I’m thankful for the response and support I’ve received in this endeavor.  Our main charities are UNESCO (the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization), and Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts.  But we are truly committed to working with charities around the world.”  Giraud’s dream is to be able to continue to open UNESCO schools for children in those countries that don’t have the availability or means to educate their children.


Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013

The Queen of the Universe 2014 Pageant will take place at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.  The star-studded red carpet, covered by local & international media, is a fantastic platform for our sponsors to receive local, national and international exposure.


Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013

Event Details:

Queen of the Universe is a live event produced by Academy Award-nominated Michael Ohoven.  It’s a very fashion forward evening where the most beautiful women in the world compete in the hopes of becoming the Queen of the Universe. Our beautiful delegates, VIP’s, high profile hosts, judges and perfomers, attract national and international attention. Sponsors have the opportunity to participate in promotional events prior to the  pageant and throughout the year.

Ivette Saucedo – “Miss Spain” – Crowned as the Very First Queen of the Universe, January 2013


Saban Theatre

The Saban Theatre, originally the Fox Wilshire and known for its Art Deco and heavily sculptured design, opened its doors on September 19, 1930 and was built to showcase Fox’s feature film premieres and events, including Marilyn Monroe’s “How to Marry a Millionaire,” Elvis’s “GI Blues” and the exclusive engagement of the concert film “Woodstock.”  In the early 1980s it was renovated and converted to a stage venue, which has hosted concerts and productions including the National Ballet of Spain, Billy Crystal’s “700 Sundays,” Richard Pryor, Laurie Anderson, Sting, Billy Idol and many other prestige events… including the premiere “Queen of the Universe” event in January, 2013.


Saban Theatre

About Infinity Media:

Based in Los Angeles, Infinity prides itself on bringing together the industry’s foremost directors, writers, actors and creative talents to generate high-quality, creative content.  Infinity’s projects include genres ranging from horror (“The Devil’s Rejects,” “Shadow People”) to action (“Push”) to comedy (“Just Friends,” “Saved!”) to television (NBC’sSiberia”) to prize winning and critically acclaimed dramas (“Frailty,” “Evelyn,” “The Human Stain,” and the Academy-Award-winningCapote”).


Queen of the Universe Supporters

About Queen of the Universe

Queen of the Universe is an international beauty pageant created to empower and inspire women who are role models and are committed to using their lives to better the lives of others.  Queen of the Universe is a non-political, non-partisan platform for young women to achieve personal growth and development; to create communication skills, learn time management and balance, and most of all, great opportunities to become ambassadors of their countries, showcasing their beauty, talent and culture. 

Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013


For more information please visit Queen of the Universe Pageant online.  

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