A meeting with Psychic Thomas John

I met with psychic Thomas John in a West Hollywood hotel and spent a fascinating hour consulting his 'powers' and chatting about life, death, the world, spirituality, his journey and mine.

Clairvoyance & psychic medium-ship are powerful tools, which allow communication with the deceased, visions into the past, present and future, as well as the receiving of messages, signs, letters and names.

Thomas John

Thomas, seeing and talking with his long passed grandfather (as a ghost) at the age of 4, triggered the life course that is now Thomas John's full time practice. His grandfather would come & go relating information to the young boy – a situation which he describes as feeling normal - "When you know no different, there's no judgment on what's occurring". In sharing these interactions with his family; a traditional Catholic household, they didn't understand, but there was no denying the information he was receiving had never been told, nor shared around the dinner table, including the location of a long-lost wristwatch belonging to his grandfather.

In our meeting I experience Thomas' abilities, as he connected to 'the other side'. Sitting with a sparkle in his eye, a pad on which he jots, circles and makes notes as you go along, then drawing 'oracle' cards rapid-fire at times, closing his eyes, searching around a room as he is transported to places that align with what or who he is talking about. In the first moments of us meeting he mentions a name asking “What does this name mean to you?”. The name was the name of my mother! I had begun my compelling, somewhat nerve wracking psychic consultation with Thomas.

Thomas John in session

I wonder if such abilities are ever a burden, to which Thomas replies that they’re not. He can constantly see spirits and receive information but he has learnt to tune in and out and has rituals at the start and end of each day to assist with this. Sometimes if the information is important enough he has found himself sharing with strangers certain messages. The flip side of being in his position is that in social situations he is often asked to channel information, and has received offensive voice mails from people who don't understand or have different beliefs. I gather it can also be hard at times when people don't want to hear what Thomas has to say, like his sister wanting to know what would happen with a boyfriend of the time and the outlook not looking great. If this happens he always finds the positive, and in that perhaps the core lesson for the receiver. It's a lot to take on, but he doesn't seem perturbed. It's as if he's found his place in the world and he is totally cool with that.

Thomas has a number of sources he consults – family members that have passed, an angelic guide (not of this world) and another spirit, whom he's never met.

When talking about fate and destiny Thomas believes it's a 'soul-contract' we have before we arrive on earth with lessons to be learned along the way. Perhaps you weren't spiritual in your past life, so this time around you'll be drawn to all that is spiritual to gain a greater appreciation of that world.

I ask about universal consciousness and the move towards enlightenment and he shares that the world is based on love and fear, a view most great spiritual leaders would hold. "Our world is slowly moving forwards but there are many obstacles and much fear still driving our existence".

Thomas John is in great demand and has read for numerous high profile celebrities and business people. I can see why. His wisdom and accuracy is incredible. He pinpoints information in my reading that only my close circle would know.

On the drive home, silence is the only space that fits as I reflect on such a deeply fascinating exchange.


For more information about Thomas John please see his website


General psychic readings start at $110 for 30 minutes or $190 for 60 minutes

Thomas John lives in New York city and is also a published author and life coach


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