Peace Love World Collection - Spreading Happiness throughout the World.

Photography by  Greg Autry


Alina Villasante founded Peace, Love, World  almost by accident.  Alina found she had some time on her hands after she and her husband sold their Aviation company in Florida. As any Mom would be, she was delighted to have some time for her kids, and began making  some clothes to wear to school, and just for fun.  Then she starting making pieces for her friends too. And having Parties for friends who wanted her clothes.  Pretty soon, everyone  was  asking, `where'd you get that  ?'

Margot, Ashley, Tyger, Alina

Alina Villasante

Demand soon  outstripped supply.  A Savvy businesswoman, with no experience in the fashion world, saw an opportunity to do something that came from the heart.   Peace, Love, World  was born.

Tyger Dwger

Ashley Jimenez


Herself a very Spiritual woman, Alina reached out and was soon thereafter putting together a team to help her. But the team had to be special. The team had to "really get it". That is, the spiritual philosophy to spread  Peace,  Love, and  Happiness, all over the World.

Tyger Dwger


The Clothing line   PEACE  LOVE  WORLD  was born of  the Affirmations that had helped Alina out in tough patches in her life.  The Line was born of that happiness in sharing and connecting with her children, and her friends.

Tyger Dwger


And what we have  today is a line that is chic, casual, and comfortable.  All you have to do is touch the fabrics, and you're a part of them.   Read the Affirmations, and you cannot but smile.

CEO - Alina Villasante

Model - Alina

Alina Villasante


The Photos here were taken Spur of the Moment, while Alina and her Team were on tour in LA, promoting their Line. ` peace love world ' is now sold  in all the major stores all over the world, and spreading more peace  love and happiness all over the world.

The Space

Mom - Alina Villasante


Sales - Alina

PR - Alina

Wait, there's more !  Scoop !!!  Soon, there will be a Man's Line.



Many Thanks to Alina, and her lovely team, Tyger Dwger, Ashley Jimenez, and Margot Todaro. And 


thanks to Tyger, for letting me shoot some pics.

Here's Looking At You kid !


Peace Love World

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