Partying Poolside at the Thompson Beverly Hills

Many people spent Memorial Day weekend, camping, barbequing, or nearly contracting alcohol poisoning in Las Vegas. I spent Memorial Day weekend in beautiful, sunny (and windy!) Los Angeles at the Thompson Beverly Hills.

The breathtaking, rooftop view.

Known as the summer’s hottest weekly party since 2004, the Thompson will be launching their pool extravaganza on June 5 which will go on every Sunday through Labor Day from 12:00pm to 7:00pm. Click here for more details. Lucky me, I was able to attend Memorial Day Weekend’s summer pre-launch party and here is what I found out.

Arriving at the Thompson is like arriving at hipster-ville. Tattoos, fedoras, large sunglasses, long dresses, and off-the-shoulder tees are more than common. The décor of the hotel itself is very modern and cozy and is an instant treat for the eyes. At the door, pool party attendees are immediately greeted by the bouncer who efficiently screens out those on the guest list or guests of the hotel, and those that are not.

Next step is waiting for permission to ride the elevator. In order to keep the pool below capacity, crowd level and timing is closely monitored by the staff. When entry is granted, first stop is the bar.

The comfortable bar area.

Wooden benches a line the long stretch of counter space overlooking a spectacular view of the city. Cocktails here are designed to be light, refreshing, and low in sugar. Specialty cocktails are $14.00.

Light, refreshing, and creative cocktails.

With drink in hand, you may choose to either lounge at the comfy, sun deck seating, or ascend up the stairs to the pool area. Even arriving in the early afternoon, you still may not be lucky enough to claim a lounge seat. Seating is limited and the mood is mellow. There is a live dj, yet dancing is miniscule and most attendees are relaxing, napping, or having light conversation.

Comfortable lounge seating for you and your guests.

The rooftop pool with spectacular city view.

Although different than the popular Las Vegas pool parties, Sunday’s at the Thompson is perfect for catching up with friends, having great drinks, and relaxing. The staff is very down to earth, skilled, and professional, and you are sure to leave feeling refreshed and tan.



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