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Photography ©2014 Greg Autry


Part Two, of Two Articles.


I was honored this year, to be asked back, to write about and take photographs at the  2014  Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball,  July 4th and 5th.  With great anticipation the excitement from the night before still fresh,  this second evening  I would spend my time photographing  all the amazingly creative people who would open their artistic endeavors to be witnessed by equally talented and artistic souls.


Regan Christine Remy




In addition to my commercial photography, I photograph a lot of Events. Large and Small. I specialize in Events about Fashion and/or Art.  The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, put on bySypher Art Studios is a pinnacles of both.  Allowing every kind of artist to participate in as the Artist, and to watch, enjoy, and be amazed by all the other artist.  Every Patron who attends is an Artist simply by being present and participating.




For the second consecutive year for the venue,  the Park Plaza Hotel emotes the aura of an old world Castle.  The legendary Halls and Ball Rooms speak to the artistic past and present and I believe  The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball  will continue long into the future.  I'd  suggest, to fully see and participate in everything, one must attend both nights. As a photographer and artist I am dazzled and thrilled with all of the visual stimulus. You must come back year after year. .  It's BIG Folks.  It's Amazing.  





One of the things I find so  compelling is the loyalty and passion to which all those involved feel. As with most artist and art communities everyone involved feels a commonality and an understanding that art and beauty promote good things in our humanity.  When there is so much going on in the world, this is one place it can feel good to unite in.  



I would also like to see, a Festival themed around the Balls premise. Over a few weekends in the Spring or Fall, it would allow people from around the world to see the artisans at work making the costumes, and prosthetics, and creating the music and dance numbers that go towards make the ball what it is today.  After all, this is the  Eighteenth  year of the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball.



Saturday, July 5th, 2014.



As an Artist, a Writer, and a Photographer, I am delighted with the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event.  All of the Patrons who come in costume are indeed artist in whatever yolk of creativity they possess. If you are a businessman or business-woman and you're thinking that you have no time for such frivolity, then  let me please tell you that indeed you must make time. Make time to let go, to be more creative, to let the wheels come off and just let your mind be free. Freedom to create and participate can change things in all aspects of your life.  I encourage you to don a new frock, and come out and play.



The Park Plaza is built of old stone and harkens back to buildings of `Yester-yore'. Enter into the Main Hall with a truly Grand Staircase [200 people can easily fit on the staircase alone].  On the first level there is the Golden Room, and the Bronze Room. Among all these you will find Celtic Fairies, and Goblin's lurking about.  Off of the Golden Room you exit to the outside Water Temple, and beware of the Goblin Camp beyond. Friday Night here saw the emergence of Lumina 



Rise on the Grand Staircase and you are to choose, left to the Waltz Floor or Right to the Royal Hall. The Royal Court offers entertainment throughout the evenings. This place of surrealistic fantasy bring Nobles and Commoners together to dance, and revel in the performances. Revelry knows no bounds . I found New Chambers, and secret pathways, to places familiar, and unknown.  



Throughout the weekend there are multitudes of things to do, places to be, people to see, and adventures awaiting your presence.  Brian Kesinger is the author and illustrator of Tea Room Girls, Walking  Your Octopus, and many other incredible  books, published by Baby Tattoo. During the course of the Ball Brian was doing 10 minute illustrations of the guest.  Reservations were full and there was a line all night long. Here are some samples of the sketches done by Brian.



Later in the evening I took a gander out by the Goblin Camp and was delighted to a Pregnant Belly dancer. I loved watching her move.  Her Belly was big and Beautiful.










For me, as a photographer sometimes I long to set up and do studio portraits of the gorgeous people and beautifully creative costumes. Sometimes the artist in me just wants to stop, get out a sketch tablet and pencils and draw all night.  I love mingling with all the people, in all the venues, in all sorts of costumes and get up.   The creative juices that flow during the course of these two nights is amazing.  The collective Creative Energy  is a whole into itself. Sort of a Cold Fusion of Art Energy.   





Words cannot describe the people, and costumes.  What's the saying ? A Picture is worth a million words. The Costumes and Makeup of all those attending were spectacular. Whether someone spent months making a costume, or put something together the night before.  I am delighted to present in this article a few photographs, of all the creativity that emerged from the people at the Eighteenth  Annual  Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball.  It would not be possible without Shawn Strider, Sasha Travis, and the entire Sypher  Crew, along with all the amazing Patron Artists who came and shared their creative energy as well. 







I say go forth,  multiply the art and creativity.  Mark your Calendars for next year's Ball.


Please watch for my upcoming Splash Magazine articles about Turkish Delight, and Trapeze LA, and take a look at my other websites , and Facebook pages as well (Greg Autry Art & Photo ). 


Art and Illustrations by Brian Kesinger ©Brian Kesinger

Labyrinth Art Work used with Permission.

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