"One Night In Los Angeles" Hosted By Perez Hilton

Only by Perez!

On September 11, 2010 – admittedly an inauspicious date for a rather glitzy event – Perez Hilton hosted his ‘One Night in…’ concert, this time at the art-deco inspired Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. The latest in the series of bashes was a full-house, by-invitation-only event, which debuted in Austin and was previously held in Toronto, New York and Liverpool. It promised to be the grandest one yet and was set to coincide with the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Energy seething and eager eyeballs darting, it wasn’t long before the doors opened to let in the uber-anxious public. SWAGG, a leading mobile transactions provider, partnered with Perez and was the premier sponsor for this event. The usually rambunctious blogger at one point needlessly voiced his worries that the crowds would not attend, realizing soon after that he should have fret not. Celebrities scheduled to attend included Macy Gray, Linkin Park, the Jersey Shore cast and Topher Grace.

Perez addresses the crowd

It wasn't long before the crowd stomped along with opening DJ act Kevin Rudolf as they held back in anticipation for the flamboyant and outspoken host to make his appearance. Perez relished his moment in the spotlight and came onstage to introduce phenomenally breathtaking breakout act ‘Florence and the Machine’ who up until now had been a relative unknown in the US music scene. Displaying a vocal ability and tone reminiscent to that of Sinead O’Connor’s, her exuberant performance might just get their ball rolling on being the next successful band stateside. Blending electropop-synth and rock, this opening, which at first seemed jarringly out if place with the performing lineup, eventually held their own as the crowd cheered in unanimous approval.

Taio Cruz and Perez

In between live sets, DJ Skeet Skeet kept the crowd rocking with crowd faves and remixes. However, in the press room, the aforementioned Florence appeared albeit briefly before successfully evading the press, her publicist citing an exhausting day. We wondered aloud of this elusive behavior especially for a group that is trying to eke out a presence in the local scene. Still we managed to catch a brief glimpse of the fiery haired lead singer before she darted off into the night with her entourage.

Backstage, we managed to grab a fleeting moment with Candis Cayne, a close friend of Perez' who is currently enjoying her position as the most prominent transgendered actor on the small screen.  She has starred opposite Billy Baldwin in ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ as well as Julian McMahon in ‘Nip/Tuck’. Speaking candidly of her makeout sessions with the former, she loudly exclaimed, ‘I got to make out with a Baldwin! Who else could say that!’ Apart from that, she was proud to be able to proudly represent for the LGBT population in the country.

Transgendered star Candis Cayne

If there was one person whom the crowd was most excited about, it certainly had to be Pitbull, who took to the stage with an explosive opener. This raunchy Reggaeton rapper made his millions with sexed-up songs and videos , employing catchy beats and hooks. His look - an ultra dashing, snugly-fitted grey suit and baby blue shirt with an oddly out of place lavender scarf – was so out of place when juxtaposed with his dance moves. The diminutive rapper stormed the stage with a bring-the-house-down number, which employed a riff off Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. The crowd went positively insane and a few songs later, he retired, drenched in sweat.

Pitbull doing what he does best

Perez took a brief timeout from his busy evening for us, and we mentioned what a phenomenal job he’s done of promoting previously unknown acts, thrusting them into the forefront of musical achievement. When asked what forthcoming acts he intends to promote and made famous by his magic touch, he drew a blank and cited exhaustion, merely rattling off, “I love everyone performing at my events”. For the prognosticator of success with the unknown, he was clearly bewildered by this line of questioning. Taken aback by his lack of concentration, we pressed on with future plans, including one he had recently launched – the pet-friendly TeddyHilton.com website. He glibly and almost by rote uttered, “[I am] very excited about that, I think it will be the ultimate destination for celebrities and their pets, funny animal videos, activism and all sorts of things.”

At midnight, the cherry topping for the night arrived – a decibel-bashing, hip-rock-heavy presentation by N.E.R.D., featuring Pharrell Williams. A flashy performance, a sexy entourage, as well as a setlist of crowd favorites brought the crowd to their feet again. They ended the night firing up the house, who wanted nothing but more. Alas, everyone had to settle for a final set of DJ turntabling by Dr. Hollywood instead. 

Celebrities scheduled to appear included the unusually successful ‘Jersey Shore’ cast. In fact, they seemed to be the word on everyone’s mouth. Questions were posed until they were declared a no-show as rumors circulated that MTV had pulled them due to conflicting concerns with their own VMA celebrations.

Pitbull poses for the paparazzi

The evening was made possible by Swagg, Motorola, Belvedere Vodka, Café Bustelo, Popchips, Heineken, Fiji, Perrier and Wrigley’s 5 React Gum.

To visit Perez' site, click here.

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