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Night of 100 Stars - And the Winner is... Marisa Kenson

By Marilinda Rivera

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Once again, I am the luckiest lady in Hollywood! The Chief in Editor of Splash Magazines Lawrence Davis invited me to come along to the Night of 100 Stars at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This night is very special, full of glamour, celebrities, laughs with friends, food, and of course red carpets. Last year this event was like a dream to me. Really enjoying the fact that life took me to the most amazing place where dreams really come true; Los Angeles California. And being able to experience that night once again, it was like I was living the dream I saw when I was a little girl in Puerto Rico.

Fitting selfies, dress by Marisa Kenson

Since my victory on Project Runway Season 3, my sense of style has evolved in a very unique way.  I am much more particular about what I wear and how I wear it. Last year Lawrence Davis and I found a treasure gown by Addy Van Den Krommenacker at the Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Suite. Addy’s beautiful designs were attracting lots of celebrities to his booth. But I was lucky enough to find the best match for this special night.

Left: Addy Van Den Krommenacker Right: Marisa Kenson

This year, at the very last minute, thanks to the Splash Magazines Team, my options to wear the best dress were absolutely glamorous and exquisite. And the winner was... Marisa Kenson’s fabulous sequins dress. When I tried on this gem, I felt comfortable, sexy, confident, classy, all those feelings that make you say “ this is my dress”. The sequins, the fabric, the style, really wins  your eyes! To see it for yourself: Marisa Kenson's Collection.

On the red carpet, dress by Marisa Kenson

This dress didn’t need that much, only my personality and minimal accessories did it just right. As you can see, Lawrence also brought the best of the best! His Hollywood icons vest said so much about this great evening, he celebrated the Hollywood talented actors that initiated this wonderful event. Every dress I tried on from Marisa Kenson’s collection fit perfect! Her pieces are designed to fit all body types and to make you look like a queen. Along with her fabulous team that really know how to dress a confident woman have been in the fashion industry for more than 25 years. In her collection you’ll be able to find stunning dresses, embellished tops, skirts, and much more with a unique twist.

With Lawrence Davis Chief and Editor Splash Magazines

Thanks to all the great talented people who make us women feel like goddesses through fashion treasures like this one.

I invite you to come visit my closet at MeMarketLA and find affordable treasures to match your unique style.

Smile! Someone is watching!

Sequins dress by Marisa Kenson

Published on Apr 18, 2014

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