MYTH Masque at Vibiana - A Whimsical Evening of Fashion and Fantasy

On June 9th elements of fashion and fantasy merged for MYTH Masque at the historic Vibiana, downtown LA. Myth Masque is an elaborate costume ball and high-end production that infuses art, fashion and music for the ultimate adult indulgence.

MYTH Decor

The evening commenced with honored guests arriving in a beautiful Unicorn-drawn carriage, and welcomed by royal fanfare with a trumpet announcing their arrivals. Dressed in intricately luxurious costumes arrivals walked a sprawling amethyst carpet, before mentally transporting to a mythical world. The elite were ushered into an intimate garden courtyard to first entice their minds and stimulate their senses. Upon entering the garden guests were met by The Angels of Venice; one sat strumming whimsical music on a harp, and a woman with a magnificent voice stood singing at her side.

MYTH Masque Unicorn

MYTH Fanfare

VIP Guest

Angels of Venice

Guests satisfied their inner desires for indulgence while mingling with other aristocrats in a visually captivating environment. Lavish tents with crystal chandeliers housed decadent gourmet bites for exquisite palates. Custom MYTH cupcakes, fruit, chocolates, Absinthe, Champagne, Vodka and Bourbon tempted those with even the strongest of will power.

Amusing Stilt Performances

Bourbon Bar

Decadent Desserts


Release the Green Fairy

Displaying their luxurious attire, member’s of high society strutted throughout the courtyard like proud peacocks. Costumes were derived and inspired by Medieval, Renaissance, Rococo, Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian, Steampunk and Post-Apocalyptic periods.

High Society Guest

Colorful VIP's

A Gorgeous MYTH Attendee

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

Medieval Fantasy

As the sun departed and the moon took to its stage, guests were escorted into the Cathedral of St. Vibiana. Extraordinary ivory and marble columns lead to vaulted cathedral ceilings that created an unimaginable ambiance. The debonair Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Dammit took to the stage to officially welcome all and to introduce his entourage of performers. Esza Kaye performed with a sound which was a lush blend of human and machine, hypnotic and bright.

Mr. Damnit Exciting The Crowd

Esza Kaye Performing

Attendees waltzed to medieval music before Elysium Dance Theatre parted the crowd for a dynamic performance. The dancers communicated boundless passion and creativity through innovative choreography and imaginative costume designs that mesmerized the audience.


Elysium Dance Theatre

A Fascinated Couple

Energy and excitement hovered over the crowd, while many anxiously awaited the performance of Prince Poppycock. Well-known for his rousing performances as a Top 4 Finalist on NBC's 'America's Got Talent,' He is best described as a Rococo Rockstar. Three women appeared on stage creating billowing cold smoke which announced the arrival of Prince Poppycock. His performance was dramatic yet superb and left the crowd in awe.

Prince Poppycock Captivating The Crowd

MYTH was built around the concept that fantasies are to be actualized, that creative expression is to be encouraged and celebrated. Without a doubt, MYTH explored fantasies of the human mind and provided an environment for endless possibilities.

Furne One Graces The Stage at MYTH Masque

Gorgeous Guests in Furne One

Love And Valor

Fashion Meets Fantasy

MYTH Masque 2012

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