The Official 2008 VMA Kickoff Party Review - On the Red Carpet

Unleashing 25 years of music and mayhem, MTV kicked off the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards with The Official VMA Kickoff Party presented by TAG Records.

Hosted by Jermaine Dupri on Friday September 5, the event took place at a hot Hollywood nightclub Avalon and showcased a bangin’ up and coming new artist Q' Da Kid with his first ever live performance.

Up and coming artist Q' Da Kid

The red carpet was hot, hot, hot the entire evening with celebrities rolling in one after the other. It was exciting to see all the commotion and movement throughout the evening. You could feel the energy and liveliness of the VMA spirit in anticipation for Sunday night's show. The gossip and the eagerness seemed to have all the celebrities buzzing about one thing: Britney Spears opening the VMAs this year.  Jermaine Dupri himself stated—“I’m rootin for Britney!" She can make it happen and I think She will do it this year hotta than ever!”

Host of the evening- Jermaine Dupri

Aside from the red carpet gossip buzz, focusing on the main event of the night— Q' da KidJermaine Dupri really believes in this kid Q. He thinks he can be as big any other super star around—“The kid has mad talent, he will be big!” Dupri seems very passionate about Q’ Da Kid and he persuaded me and others around the red carpet to believe we will be seeing him around everywhere very soon.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons

Radio Dj Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda

Q’ Da Kid himself seems very optimistic about his first debut album coming out soon. Having Jermaine Dupri as his producer he feels confident that the people will like his sound and like him just as much as any other well known rapper. He’s excited to see what people will have to say about his talent and is eager for his album to be released.

Perez Hilton being interviewed by MTV VJ Kim

"Girl Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson

Many celebrities came out to support Jermaine Dupri and Q’ Da kid—even Dupri’s superstar girlfriend Janet Jackson, who glided through the red carpet nonchalantly escaping much media attention. You had to be quick to capture a photo of her, unfortunately not many did.

Others who came out to show there love included rappers Fabolus, Paul Wall and radio personal and recording artist Fatman Scoop. Vanessa and Angela Simmons from MTV’s hit reality show Run’s house also attended along with Toccara America’s Next Top Model and Girl Next Door Kenra Wilkinson. Perez Hilton was a fly bye on the red carpet. He spent a few minutes being interviewed by MTV News and then whisked right into the party with out any action or juice for media attention.

Rap artist Paul Wall

MTV VJ Damien Fahay

Overall the night was a success with many hot celebrities in attendance supporting Jermaine Dupri, Q’ Da Kid, and the kickoff to the VMAs! Tinsle town is amped for this years 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and is counting down to the show’s big performances by Lil Wayne, Jonas Brothers, Kid Rock, Paramore, Pink, T.I. and Rihanna. The show airs Sunday September 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It’s going to be a hot, hot show this year and I can’t wait!

Check out for more details on the VMAs!

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