MTV & Tag Record's Official VMA Kick off Party !

TAG Records & MTV threw the official VMA kickoff party, at Avalon on Hollywood on Friday September 5 2008. Hosted by super producer/ rapper Jermaine Dupree, the bash lived up to the hype and then some. In attendance were stars including Janet Jackson, Taye Diggs, the rapper Fabolous, Bow Wow, Kendra Wilkinson of “The Girls Next Door”, Perez Hilton, TygaJazze Pha & Vawn, DJ Clue, Paul Wall and Angela & Vanessa Simmons of MTV’s reality show “Run’s House”.

The crowd arrives in hot convertibles and limos

A drive through Hollywood Blvd & Vine made it apparent that a major party was popping. MTV & Tag Records set the scene right with neon signage and lights that instantly drew the attention of passing traffic. Candy pink, lime greens, electric blues and moon men were the décor of the night! Not only was the event a visual feast it delivered with just the right mix of hip-hop hits from Lil Wayne to Akon that had the crowd roaring through the night.

Security keeping passer bys at bay

Befitting the night, Avalon was chosen as the location for the invite-only event. The club has been making history as “ an entertainment facility embodying the glamour of the past while embracing the future of Hollywood” (quoted from Show business’ greatest all made their way to the club from Judy Garland, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and even the Beatles! Memorably, the Jackson 5’s first TV appearance also took place here in 1969. The club has come a long way since then and the official kick off party seemed to be a celebration of the entertainment industry’s colorful turn of events.

The view of the Red Carpet

The madness started at 10 pm with Red Carpet arrivals. Paparazzi lined the front of the Avalon and a team of security guarded the velvet lined Red Carpet from curious passer bys that ogled through the bright lights.

Celebrities pose on the Red Carpet

Jermaine Dupree the host of the night arrived on the scene with his entourage and that’s when the excitement really started to build. Aspiring rappers waited hungrily just grazing the limits of the red Carpet area trying their best to reach the rapper and pass him their demo cds to no avail.

Jermaine Dupree arrives with his entourage in tow

Dupree graciously did the rounds and told reporters to look out for Q Da Kid of Tag Records who would be performing that night.

Paparazzi line the Red Carpet

As promised Tag Record’s new artist Q Da Kid performed that night filled with the energy and enthusiasm that seemed to be the aura of the night.

Celebrities arrive dressed to the nines

Old school rapper DJ Nice worked the turn tables and the crowds were alive. No surprises, given that it was a party by MTV & TAG Records, numerous members of the audience showed off some pretty impressive dance moves. Gorgeous girls and well-adorned men mingled, making sure that their presence was taken heed of. Alcohol and appetizers flowed freely through the night and Dupree took the mic at one point to join DJ Nice and keep the energy flowing.

The event is held at the Avalon, Hollywood

This was definitely a bash fit to kick off the weekend’s festivities. I ended the night with numerous senses stimulated from the auditory to the visual. I’m pretty sure the crowd went home with smiles on their face and with a mental note to get invited to next year’s party!

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