MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite - W Hotel Hollywood

On April 9th Celebrity Connected hosted a Luxury Gift Suite at the W Hotel, Hollywood honoring the MTV Movie Awards.  This is an amazing opportunity for brands in the fashion, food, skincare, and healthcare industry to expose products to celebrities and media.  Sometimes these brands represent a cause or want to introduce something new to the market.  This is a great way to connect with social influencers.


Marcc Rose from the movie Straight Outta Compton was excited to discover a new brand.  The movie is nominated for an  award in the True Story category.


Megan Hardwick

Megan Hardwick created a tool for even application of liquid eyeliner for  Wings Cosmetics. She made it seem so easy, and at least for me it may take a little practice to use, but I am sure it will give the perfect winged liner look.



There was also a company for men who love to take care of their beard or grow one.  Hobo Fresh founder Craig Hassan created oil-based products to clean, condition, maintain, and promote growth for a beard.  A lot of natural ingredients are used: shea butter, Vitamin E, honey, and argan oil.  I wonder how well these would work on a woman’s eyebrows or hair.  It may be too rich, but worth a try.  The owner did suggest Biotin if you need a little help in the hair department.


Fun Handmade Jewelry

Sandra Young-Hewitt of Charmington Designs creates handmade jewelry that convey inspiring words such as hope, destiny, faith, and I received a lovely silver bracelet from co-owner Linda Donofrio with the words, “Pretty”, and “Strike a Pose.”  What’s special about the company is that if you have a fundraising event, they will customize bracelets to symbolize your charity.  They did one for breast cancer research.  Tell your story with jewelry.


For the lover of X rated products there was a company called Clone-A-Willy promoting in home molding dildo kits to create a replica of a penis in different colors and comes with a vibrating kit.  It seemed to be a joke at first, but later realized it is an actual product line.


Members of the rock group Hoobastank were having a good time.


Do you have a sweet tooth and want to be taken back to childhood when candy was fun?  Made In Candy, a company based in Singapore offers a wide assortment of flavors and colors of hard and soft candy.  Owner Wayne Lim also offers a customization service for clients in which you can have any message on a lollipop, choose designs and flavors.  It seems perfect for a kid’s birthday party or a corporate event. 


Chocolate Truffles

Ganache Desserts & Confections was one of my favorite booths, and the owwner Kevin Lindee offered a wide assortment of mouthwatering chocolate brownies with peppermint, raspberry, and vanilla cream flavors. The company makes truffles, wedding cakes, cupcakes, chocolate bars, macaroons, and creates customized favors for parties, and offers dessert stations (French crepe, chocolate, cheesecake, and ice cream float).  Yum! This sounds delicious for your next party, event, or if you just want to treat yourself.


Bright Cosmetic Colors

I love makeup, especially lines that use natural ingredients and support issues important to women and Lip Synk Cosmetics does it it.  Founder Denise Wiggins went through personal struggles, and wants to empower women of all ethnicities to be their best even when facing obstacles.  She also offers gluten-free options for makeup.  Most women feel great with a stunning lip color, blush, eye shadow, or liner and it is gives an immediate confidence boost.  I know a fabulous lip color always makes me feel good, and I love their Flawless pink lip stain, which goes on as a gloss but dries matte.

Emma Slater, professional dancer with Dancing With the Stars was having fun at the event.

Brennen Taylor, actor.


Soy candles with essential oils, no dyes, and wooden wicks are the best for minimizing health concerns in lighting candles for the home.  High Cotton Candle Company, owned by Tracey Hogan offers a wide range of rich scented candles.  Since the company is based in the South, there are scents named Peach Cobbler, Sweet Home Alabama, and Cotton Field, to name a few.  I received the White Whiskey scent, which is very sweet and smells great.  The amazing thing about this company is they give a percentage of proceeds to animal rescue organizations, which are dear to my heart.  Good for them!

 The Mood Collection, a Swiss based company sells rings made of stainless silver which you can change the addon color according to your mood or what you are wearing, and they have a men's and women's collection.

 Rickey Chaney, cast member of Straight Outta Compton.

Norbert, one of the most adorable mixed breed dogs and owner Julie Freyermuth.  He is a therapy dog, has a book series, and a line of products.

Other companies in attendance were: Deu America, Teal N Bronze, Creamistry, Fresh Air Clothing, Stay Classy Liquids, and LA Auto Store.

 Photos By: Tania Godfrey

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