Mrs. Fish Review - Literally the New Hidden Hot Spot in Los Angeles

When it comes to being phony and pretentious, few cities can compete with Los Angeles. With that comes the dilemma of going out and finding a place that doesn’t ooze those two traits. Maybe being hidden away and not trying to be glitzy and glamorous were the first two signs that Mrs. Fish was something different. Hidden in a little veil of secrecy and then combine it with a flat out cool setting, fantastic music and food that would you think has business being a club setting and you have Mrs. Fish.

Mrs. Fish


Mrs. Fish recently opened after a long renovation or more appropriately a birth from what was the basement underneath the restaurant PERCHMrs. Fish was literally created from nothing and the results are stunning! Mrs. Fish is highlighted by a beautiful 5,500-gallon aquarium full of sea life and that is just the entrance. From their you have three distinct levels and with it three different bars, meaning you will never be lacking for one of the fabulous Mrs. Fish cocktails. Mrs. Fish kept some of the design from the original area and from their surrounded it with a beautiful setting that features great couches and hidden booths for you to get comfortable in. With it there is plenty of room for you to dance, hang out with friends, grab a bite to eat or most importantly enjoy the amazing live music.

China Girl Chicken Salad

While giving you a classic and stylish setting, it is the intimate setting and close proximity to the live music that really sets Mrs. Fish apart. How many other places allow you to sit with your friends on a plush couch just feet from the band? There really isn't a bad seat in the house, your vantage point and experience just comes down to what you are looking for. Regardless of where you are located in Mrs. Fish you can expect to be treated to some of the best live Rock n' Roll in Los Angeles. You are going to get to experience bands like Yonatan, who is a regular at Mrs. Fish, but always is changing up the members of his band as well as they style of Rock n' Roll he plays. Whoever is playing is going to bring you a unique and original sound along with a night unlike any other spot in Los Angeles can offer you.

Random Chicken Satay

Since Mrs. Fish came from the creators of PERCH, located right upstairs, they decided to have Executive Chef Greg Bernhardt bring some of his tasty culinary work from upstairs and transform it into smaller, yet upscale bites for you to enjoy. Chef Bernhardt created some small plate dishes to share such as; beef carpaccio, London Calling, which is a great cod lightly battered with tempura or something a little more light but layered with flavors like the China Girl Chicken Salad served in butter lettuce cups. If you really want to get a little extravagant you can order the caviar. To go with the fabulous menu, you can order any of the unique house cocktails such as the Tiny Bubbles, which combines champagne and Cognac, or get Fish Bowl El Camino for the entire table. There is nothing quite as fun as having eight people sharing a cocktail out of fish bowl together.

Poolside cocktail

The choices in Los Angeles for you to spend your evening are seemingly endless, but not all of those choices are worth your time. If you don’t want to wake up with the regret of having wasted another night in a cookie cutter nightclub, make your way to Mrs. Fish. A night out at Mrs. Fish is more than a night out, it is an experience and you will remember Mrs. Fish as simply a place that was cooler and more fun than any other place in Los Angeles.

For more information visit Mrs. Fish

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