Motown Miracle -- Ruffin Jr. “Dies” at Xmas but sings at Victorino Noval Foundation New Year’s Bash

Not too many people get to return to the scene of their death, but Jimmy Ruffin Jr, (singer, producer and nephew of Motown lead singer David Ruffin of The Temptations) did!  

First, his heart stopped at the Spark of Love Holiday Toy Drive at Victorino Noval’s Beverly Hills estate, and then, two weeks later, he was able to return for a New Year’s Eve performance.
 “Two weeks ago Jimmy was walking toys up to the house when he collapsed, and then we were all praying for a miracle,” explains film maker Edward Bass,  

Ed Bass, Esai Morales, Bob Yari

Dr. Robert A Glazer was one of the first to respond. Jimmy Ray says, “He has continued to advise me, including wanting me to warn others not to forget their blood pressure medicine, as I had forgotten mine that day”. “Robert was like my guardian angel, and now I call him Dr. Bob.”  
Dr. Glazer comments, “It was a team effort MDs, neuro surgeons, plastic surgeon even an off duty Beverly Hills Fire Department Captain and Jose Canseco and Esai Morales helped calm the crowd, not one, but all were heros. We began CPR time but still no heart beat” “Finally, after the fourth time, we had our miracle.” If we had to name one hero, then it would have to be Jimmy, because he had the heart to fight on”.  “He was in the right place at the right time, Beverly Hills paramedics responded in 4 minutes, otherwise he would have ended up like the late Heavy D”.

Jose Canseco, Victorino Noval

Noval says, “Bass and I went to see Jimmy at Cedars-Sinai and expected to see him in intensive care, but there he was, sitting up.  Bass came in singing the Ruffin Hit, What to do for the Broken Hearted. He answered on cue -- C P R”!

Lawrence Davis, Mrs. Bass, Jeff Rice, Jose Canseco and his friend

Ruffin Jr., says “I felt like 50 Cent when he got shot; then he came back to take over the world. I’ve had 3 hit songs and had 20 go Platinum. I’ve worked with everyone from Sir Elton, George Michaelsand Michael Jackson” and I can tell you there is no “high” like going from death to life.”
Ruffin Jr. said everyone, including Stevie Wonder, has called him as he continues to work on his album, ironically titled, “Better Late Than Never.”

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